Notification to Operators Sample Clauses

Notification to Operators. 248. Notification to Operators through Certified Mail will be used for:
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Related to Notification to Operators

  • Notification to Employees ‌ The Employer will inform new, transferred, promoted, or demoted employees in writing prior to appointment into positions included in the bargaining unit(s) of the Union’s exclusive representation status. Upon appointment to a bargaining unit position, the Employer will furnish the employees with membership materials provided by the Union. The Employer will inform employees in writing if they are subsequently appointed to a position that is not in a bargaining unit.

  • Notification to Union The Hospital will provide the union with a list, monthly of all hirings, lay-offs, recalls and terminations within the bargaining unit where such information is available or becomes readily available through the Hospital's payroll system."

  • Notification to Employer The Union shall notify the Employer of the names of the Employees, including the department wherein the Employee is employed, who are members of the Board of Directors, the Union Executive and Council Committees.

  • Notification to the Union The Employer will notify the JHSC and union in writing of all incidents related to violence within 4 days. For critical injuries the employer will notify the JHSC and the union immediately and in writing within 48 hours. Such notices will contain all of the information as prescribed in section 5 of the health care regulation.

  • Notification to Holders Upon termination of the Master Servicer or appointment of a successor to the Master Servicer, in each case as provided herein, the Trustee shall promptly mail notice thereof by first class mail to the Securities Administrator and the Certificateholders at their respective addresses appearing on the Certificate Register. The Trustee shall also, within 45 days after the occurrence of any Event of Default known to the Trustee, give written notice thereof to the Securities Administrator and the Certificateholders, unless such Event of Default shall have been cured or waived prior to the issuance of such notice and within such 45-day period.

  • Notification to Lenders Upon the issuance of any Letter of Credit the applicable Issuing Lender shall promptly notify Administrative Agent and each other Lender of such issuance, which notice shall be accompanied by a copy of such Letter of Credit. Promptly after receipt of such notice (or, if Administrative Agent is the Issuing Lender, together with such notice), Administrative Agent shall notify each Lender of the amount of such Lender's respective participation in such Letter of Credit, determined in accordance with subsection 3.1C.

  • Disruption to Payment Systems etc If either the Agent determines (in its discretion) that a Disruption Event has occurred or the Agent is notified by the Borrower that a Disruption Event has occurred:

  • Inspection Testing Authorization and Right of Access 2.1 Equipment Testing and Inspection 2.2 Authorization Required Prior to Parallel Operation

  • Notification to Unsuccessful Job Applicants The parties agree that any unsuccessful candidate for an ONA job posting will be notified, in writing, within one (1) week of the decision being made and prior to the posting of the name of the successful candidate. The parties further agree that the above notification will be copied to the ONA Bargaining Unit President.

  • Notification to Employee and Union Within seven (7) calendar days of the date of appointment to a vacant position within the bargaining unit, the name of the successful applicant shall be posted. The Union shall be notified of all appointments. The Employer agrees, at the request of unsuccessful applicants, to discuss reasons for not being promoted and areas where the employee can improve opportunities for advancement.