No Bank Sample Clauses

No Bank by its execution of this Amendment, waives any rights it may have against any person not a party hereto.
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No Bank. Product Termination Value may be established or increased at any time that a Default or Event of Default exists, or if creating a Reserve against such Bank Product Termination Value or the increase thereof would cause the Obligations to exceed the Borrowing Base, except with respect to obligations of any Loan Party under or in connection with any Bank Products (other than Hedge Agreements) of the Bank or any Affiliate of Bank.
No Bank. Guarantee will be issued under which a claim could be made at a time after the Working Capital Repayment Date in relation to the Working Capital Facility unless the Working Capital Bank (in its sole discretion and upon such terms as it reasonably requires) agrees otherwise.
No Bank. Assignee or other Transferee will charge any Borrower for increased costs or reduced returns pursuant to Sections 8.03(a) or (b) at a higher rate than such Bank, Assignee or other Transferee charges its other similarly situated borrowers or customers.
No Bank is obliged to participate if it would cause the Original Sterling Amount of its participations in the Loans to exceed its Commitment.
No Bank. Product Provider that obtains the benefits of Section 6.04, any Guaranty or any Collateral by virtue of the provisions hereof or of any Guaranty or any Collateral Document shall have any right to notice of any action or to consent to, direct or object to any action hereunder or under any other Loan Document or otherwise in respect of the Collateral (including the release or impairment of any Collateral) other than in its capacity as a Lender and, in such case, only to the extent expressly provided in the Loan Documents. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Article VIII to the contrary, the Agent shall not be required to verify the payment of, or that other satisfactory arrangements have been made with respect to, Bank Product Obligations.
No Bank. Common Stock shares are reserved for issuance, other than the shares reserved for issuance under the Mountain West Stock Plan;
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No Bank is obliged to lend if it would cause the Original Sterling Amount of its participation in the Advances to exceed its Commitment.

Related to No Bank

  • No Bankruptcy There are no bankruptcy proceedings pending, being contemplated by or, to the knowledge of Seller, threatened against Seller by any third party.

  • No Bankruptcies No Obligor on any Receivable as of the related Cutoff Date was noted in the related Receivable File as being the subject of a bankruptcy proceeding.

  • No Bankruptcy Filing The Borrower is not contemplating either the filing of a petition by it under any state or federal bankruptcy or insolvency laws of any jurisdiction or the liquidation of all or a major portion of its assets or property, and it has no knowledge of any Person contemplating the filing of any such petition against it.

  • No Bankruptcy Proceedings No Person shall have commenced a proceeding against the Company pursuant to or within the meaning of any Bankruptcy Law. The Company shall not have, pursuant to or within the meaning of any Bankruptcy Law, (a) commenced a voluntary case, (b) consented to the entry of an order for relief against it in an involuntary case, (c) consented to the appointment of a Custodian of the Company or for all or substantially all of its property, or (d) made a general assignment for the benefit of its creditors. A court of competent jurisdiction shall not have entered an order or decree under any Bankruptcy Law that (I) is for relief against the Company in an involuntary case, (II) appoints a Custodian of the Company or for all or substantially all of its property, or (III) orders the liquidation of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries.

  • No Bankruptcy Petition Each Underwriter agrees that, prior to the date which is one year and one day after the payment in full of all securities issued by the Company or by a trust for which the Company was the depositor, which securities were rated by any nationally recognized statistical rating organization, it will not institute against, or join any other person in instituting against, the Company any bankruptcy, reorganization, arrangement, insolvency or liquidation proceedings or other proceedings under any Federal or state bankruptcy or similar law.

  • Sick Bank The purpose of the Sick Bank (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) is to provide sick leave to contributors to the Bank after their accumulated leave has been exhausted and, more specifically, to provide such leave from the Bank in cases of prolonged illnesses. The Bank rules and guidelines are as follows:

  • No Bankrupt Obligors As of the Cutoff Date, no Receivable was due from an Obligor that was the subject of a proceeding under the Bankruptcy Code of the United States or was bankrupt.

  • No Brokerage The Purchaser has not incurred any obligation or liability, contingent or otherwise, for brokerage fees, finder's fees, agent's commissions, or the like in connection with this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • No Usury Borrower and Lender intend at all times to comply with applicable state law or applicable United States federal law (to the extent that it permits Lender to contract for, charge, take, reserve or receive a greater amount of interest than under state law) and that this Section 10.17 shall control every other agreement in the Loan Documents. If the applicable law (state or federal) is ever judicially interpreted so as to render usurious any amount called for under the Note or any other Loan Document, or contracted for, charged, taken, reserved or received with respect to the Debt, or if Lender’s exercise of the option to accelerate the maturity of the Loan or any prepayment by Borrower results in Borrower having paid any interest in excess of that permitted by applicable law, then it is Borrower’s and Lender’s express intent that all excess amounts theretofore collected by Lender shall be credited against the unpaid Principal and all other Debt (or, if the Debt has been or would thereby be paid in full, refunded to Borrower), and the provisions of the Loan Documents immediately be deemed reformed and the amounts thereafter collectible thereunder reduced, without the necessity of the execution of any new document, so as to comply with applicable law, but so as to permit the recovery of the fullest amount otherwise called for thereunder. All sums paid or agreed to be paid to Lender for the use, forbearance or detention of the Loan shall, to the extent permitted by applicable law, be amortized, prorated, allocated, and spread throughout the full stated term of the Loan until payment in full so that the rate or amount of interest on account of the Debt does not exceed the maximum lawful rate from time to time in effect and applicable to the Debt for so long as the Debt is outstanding. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any Loan Document, it is not the intention of Lender to accelerate the maturity of any interest that has not accrued at the time of such acceleration or to collect unearned interest at the time of such acceleration.

  • No Benefit to Bailee We will not recognize any assignment or grant any coverage that benefits a person or organization holding, storing or moving property for a fee regardless of any other provision of this policy.

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