Multiple Sample Clauses

Multiple choice closed book exam component worth ninety-five (95) points. All candidates achieving a score of at least seventy percent (70%) correct answers on the multiple-choice portion will be placed on the eligible list. Senior Medic Exam
Multiple. Site teachers shall be given a reasonable travel time between schools, except in extraordinary circumstances. In extraordinary circumstances, the site administrators at each site and the affected teacher shall work together to define the expectations of each site and develop a plan with the teacher to mitigate the circumstances. A full time teacher who is required to travel between sites during his/her workday shall be paid a full-time traveling teacher stipend pursuant to Appendix H.
Multiple shift (a two or three-shift) operation will not be utilized on the entire project if at any time it is deemed advisable and necessary for the Employer to multiple-shift a specific operation. Those groups of employees only who relieve first-shift groups of employees and such first-shift groups of employees who are relieved by groups of employees on a second-shift, and on a three- shift operation those groups of employees who relieve the groups of employees on a second-shift, shall be construed as working multiple shifts. The intent of this clause shall be construed so as to recognize that a “reliever group” and a “relief group” does not necessarily mean “man for man” relief.
Multiple. (a) total HV Pilot Waiver expenditures for the applicable time period and (b) 0.2892. Enter the value of SCDHHS Waiver Expenditures 2 into cell D6 of the PFS Success Payment 2 Calculator Table in Table 4 above.
Multiple tiered interconnection structure (if offered by HarvardNet to any carrier)
Multiple. In the event the Corporation shall at any time after the Rights Declaration Date (i) declare or pay any dividend on shares of common stock payable in shares of common stock, or (ii) effect a subdivision or combination or consolidation of the outstanding shares of common stock (by reclassification or otherwise than by payment of a dividend in shares of common stock) into a greater or lesser number of shares of common stock, then in each such case the Vote Multiple thereafter applicable to the determination of the number of votes per share to which holders of shares of Series A Preferred Stock shall be entitled shall be the Vote Multiple immediately prior to such event multiplied by a fraction, the numerator of which is the number of shares of common stock outstanding immediately after such event and the denominator of which is the number of shares of common stock that were outstanding immediately prior to such event.