Modification of the Agreement Sample Clauses

Modification of the Agreement. Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this Agreement, the parties may agree to amend this Agreement. No alteration or variation of the terms of this Agreement shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by the parties hereto. No oral understanding or agreement not incorporated herein shall be binding on any of the parties hereto.
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Modification of the Agreement. Either Party may propose amendments to this Agreement, as provided in 50 CFR 13.23, by providing written notice to, and obtaining the written concurrence of, the other Party. Such notice shall include a statement of the proposed modification, the reason for it, and its expected results. The Parties will use their best efforts to respond to proposed modifications within 60 days of receipt of such notice. Proposed modifications will become effective upon the other Parties’ written concurrence.
Modification of the Agreement. Any change deemed necessary in this Agreement may be made only by mutual written agreement of the parties at any time during the life of this Agreement.
Modification of the Agreement. The parties may modify this Agreement, only by means of a written amendment to this Agreement which has been signed by all parties.
Modification of the Agreement. This Agreement may be modified in whole or in part by common agreement between the parties and solely in writing.
Modification of the Agreement. This agreement may be modified at any time by a written amendment to the agreement which is approved by the state agency and OCSE. The proposed modification must be reviewed by HHS DIB counsel to determine if the change is significant and requires a new agreement.
Modification of the Agreement. The arbitrator shall not have the power to add to, subtract from, or to modify in any way the terms of the existing contract.
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Modification of the Agreement. 1. Unless otherwise explicitly stipulated in this agreement, any modification of this agreement is subject to prior approval by the Donors.
Modification of the Agreement. 24.1 SW is responsible for preparing this Agreement under Section 16 of the 2005 Act.
Modification of the Agreement. The Parties may modify this Agreement by mutual written agreement. / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Utah and SNWA have fully executed this Agreement on this day of , 2009. Utah Department of Natural Resources Xxxxxxx X. Styler Executive Director Southern Nevada Water Authority Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx General Manager Approved as to Form: Xxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx SNWA Deputy General Counsel 4,450,000 4,450,000 750,000 800,000 850,000 U T A XXXX 179 XXXXXXX VALLEY 186 B £¤93 ANTELOPE VALLEY (NORTHER N PART) Elk x X xxxx P ine 186 A ANTELOPE VALLEY (SOU TH ERN PART) E lk o Tooele 261 A GR EAT SALT LAKE DESERT (WEST PART) DA H 259 DUGWAY-GOVERN MENT CREEK VALLEY Too ele Wh it e Pin e 253 DEEP CREEK VALLEY E Re dden Spri ng To oele J ua b ?@2 000 XXXXXXX XXXXXX Fi s h Spr ings Compl ex W xxxx P ine Ju ab E E E E E 194 PLEA SAN T VALLEY 258 FISH SPRINGS FLAT VU174 J uab @?893 M i l la rd Le l and Ha rr is Spri ng C omple x (No r th S it e - 1 P ie zo me te r) E !RE 4,400,000 4,400,000 Mi ll er S pri ng (1 Su r fa ce W a te r G age) Xxxxx Wa rm Spri ngs (1 Su r fa ce W a te x X xxXx ) ER!R!R! E Xxxxx Xx l t M ar sh (No r th Comp lex - 1 Pi e zo me te r) E Xxxxx R e se rv oir (1 Su r fa ce W a te r G age) (Flow M e te r) Xxx ote Spri ng E 184 SPRING VALLEY Bi shop Spri ngs Compl ex EE Be ck S pri ngs Compl ex (1 Su r fa ce W a te r G age) R!R!R Twi n Spr ings (2 Su r fa ce W a te r Gages) (1 Pi e zo me te r S it e) E E E 257 4,350,000 TULE VALLEY Wil low Spr ings Nor th Tul e Spr ing South Tule S pring Knol l Spri ng (1 St af f G age) 4,350,000 287 XXXXXX DESERT ¤£50 £¤6 !2 54026 ! ?@488 ?@487 54022 2!! _^ Xxxxx 54027 2!! 54023 2!! VU159 000 XXXX X XXXXXX ¤£93 ?@894 2! 54028 ! _^Xxxxxxxx M i l lar W xxxx P ine d 4,300,000 E Xxxx xx La ke La k e Cr ee k (1 Su r fa ce W a te r G age) Cl ay S pri ng 4,300,000 (1 Su r fa ce W a te r G age) !2 54029 r k e e e C ! 54024 2! ! L k a k C e e 2! 54030 i p g S r r g B n i ! E !2! 54025 Bi g S pri ngs Cr ee k at State l ine (4 Su r fa ce W a te r G ages) White Pine Bi g S pri ngs Linc oln VU257 256 WAH WAH VALLEY M illa xx X xxxxx ^_Milford 284 MILFOR D AREA 000 XXXXX-EN TER PRISE AREA B eav er UV130 Ir on L in c oln M illard VU21 183 LAKE VALLEY 196 4,250,000 4,250,000 XXXXXX VALLEY 255 PIN E VALLEY Linc oln B eav er 201 SPRING VALLEY 202 L inc oln I xxx XXXXXXXXX VALLEY 750,000 Figure 1 800,000 850,000 Utah/SNWA Agreement Monitoring Areas LEegend Spring of Interest !R UGS Pi...
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