Misappropriation Sample Clauses

Misappropriation. Employee shall not knowingly acquire, use, copy, or misappropriate any trade secret or proprietary information belonging to any other company or person and shall not cause, encourage or induce viaLink to acquire, use, copy, or misappropriate any trade secret or proprietary information belonging to any other company or person.
Misappropriation. To OraSure’s knowledge, there is no infringement or misappropriation by a Third Party of the OraSure Intellectual Property that would have a material adverse effect on the Product, OraSure, or the ability of the Parties to perform under this Agreement.
Misappropriation. To the Company's knowledge, no third party is infringing or misappropriating the Company's Intellectual Property in any manner that, has had or is reasonably likely to have, individually or collectively, a Material Adverse Effect.
Misappropriation. The Borrower utilises the Facility in whole or in part for any purposes other than those set out in Clause 3 (Purpose).
Misappropriation. The Borrower misappropriates any Advance within the Loan Period and fails to remedy, including by using such misappropriated funds for a purpose set forth in the Finance Documents or repayment by Borrower of such misappropriated funds, within twenty (20) days upon occurrence of such misappropriation.
Misappropriation. The insurance companies and coverages maintained by Borrower and its Subsidiaries as of the date hereof are satisfactory to Agent as of such date. All such policies of insurance shall be in such amounts and with such insurance companies as are reasonably satisfactory to Agent. Borrower shall deliver copies of all such policies to Agent with a satisfactory lender's loss payable endorsement naming Agent as sole loss payee or additional insured, as appropriate. Each policy of insurance or endorsement shall contain a clause requiring the insurer to give not less than 30 days prior written notice to Agent in the event of cancellation of the policy for any reason whatsoever.
Misappropriation. During the term of this agreement and at all times thereafter, I hereby promise not to disclose or use or induce or assist in the disclosure or use of, any proprietary information except for the benefit of the Client. For purposes of this agreement, “misappropriation” includes, but is not limited to, the accessing, downloading, or transmitting of proprietary information created, stored, or maintained in digital form by a Client for the personal economic or noneconomic use of an employee (You) even though the employee may be otherwise authorized to access such proprietary information to perform his or her job duties.
Misappropriation. In the event that any Grantor believes that any Collateral consisting of a material Patent, Trademark or Copyright is infringed, misappropriated or diluted by a third party, which infringement, misappropriation or dilution would reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect, such Grantor, by itself or through the Borrower, shall notify the Administrative Agent promptly after it learns thereof and shall take such actions as such Grantor deems reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances to protect such Collateral.