Joint Venture Interest Sample Clauses

Joint Venture Interest. Upon delivery of the Cash Call Funds by the Corporation indirectly to Minera Santa Cruz SA, no amount will be owing by the Corporation in respect of the Joint Venture Interest.
Joint Venture Interest. The Amended and Restated Alphabase Data ----------------------- License Agreement is in full force and effect and, subject to receipt by PMSI Database of the Consents set forth in Sections 2.2 and 2.3 of the PMSI Database Disclosure Memorandum, PMSI Database owns all right, title and interest in the Joint Venture Interest free and clear of any Liens.
Joint Venture Interest. The Joint Venture interests of the Joint Venturers at the Commencement Date are: Joint Venturer Joint Venture Interest Percentage Share CANAAN 34% GEOTECII 33% LUIS 33% 100.00 %
Joint Venture Interest. Except as otherwise specified in this Agreement, the classification of each Venturer and the interest of each Venturer in the Joint Venture and in the profits, losses and capital thereof (the "Interest or Venture Interest") are as follows: Venturer Interest Class __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Awad 23.75% General Salna 15.00% General Riva 6.25% General Brokton 5.00% General Dover Petroleum 50.00% General
Joint Venture Interest. Schedule 4.31 set forth the details of all partnerships, joint ventures and co-tenancies in or to which any of Holdco, the Company or any Subsidiary is a partner, joint venturer, member or party.
Joint Venture Interest. The Controlling Interest shall pass on Completion whereupon:
Joint Venture Interest. The Techmark Shares and the Techmark Loan comprise the entire interest of the Corporation and its affiliates in Techmark, and the transfer at the Closing of the Techmark Shares and the Techmark Loan to AIGE in accordance with the terms of this Agreement will vest good title to same in AIGE, free and clear of any and all security interests, liens, claims or other encumbrances and free of any rights of first refusal.
Joint Venture Interest. The parties currently anticipate that legal title to the Project will be held in the name of the Owner in trust for the benefit of the Joint Venture, and each of MX Gold and GP (through AMM) will hold such percentage of shares of the Owner that is equal to their respective participating ownership interest in the Project. Similarly, board and management positions of the Owner will be revised to reflect an equal number of positions of each as between MX Gold and GP (through AMM). Notwithstanding the foregoing, and although the parties currently anticipate that the Project will be held by the Owner, the parties each agree to use their commercially reasonable efforts to formulate a structure for the Joint Venture which is acceptable to each of MX Gold and GP and which is formulated to comply with all necessary legal and regulatory requirements, minimize or eliminate any adverse tax consequences and be as cost effective as possible.
Joint Venture Interest