Joint Performance Evaluation Committee Sample Clauses

Joint Performance Evaluation Committee. The joint labor management committee will be reconvened to develop a performance evaluation system in 2006-2007 for bargaining unit members.

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  • Performance Evaluations Every employee shall receive a performance evaluation annually by the employee’s eligibility date. The employee’s performance shall be evaluated by the immediate supervisor. The supervisor shall discuss the performance evaluation with the employee. The employee shall have the opportunity to provide his/her comments to be attached to the performance evaluation. The employee shall sign the evaluation and that signature shall only indicate that the employee has read the evaluation. A copy shall be provided the employee at this time. If there are any changes or recommendations to be made in the evaluation after the supervisor has discussed it with the employee, the evaluation shall be returned to the supervisor for discussion with the employee before these changes are made. The employee shall have the opportunity to comment on these changes. The employee shall sign the new evaluation and that signature shall only indicate that the employee has read the evaluation. A copy shall be provided the employee at this time. All written comments provided by the employee within sixty (60) calendar days of the evaluation shall be attached to the performance evaluation. Performance evaluations are not grievable or arbitrable under this Agreement. They shall not be used for purposes of disciplinary action or layoff. They also shall not be used as evidence by either party in grievance or arbitration cases, except in the case of denial of annual performance pay increases. If an employee receives less than a satisfactory evaluation, the Employer agrees to meet with the employee within thirty (30) calendar days of the evaluation to review, in detail, the alleged deficiencies. Recognizing the value of a participatory performance evaluation process, supervisors are encouraged to provide an opportunity for employees to provide input to the annual evaluation prior to the supervisor completing the evaluation.

  • Performance Evaluation At the end of the contract, City may evaluate Contractor’s performance. Any such evaluation will become public record.

  • Performance Metrics ADAPTEC. Subject to Section 3.4 and any other terms and conditions of this Agreement, Adaptec shall maintain sufficient resources to perform its obligations hereunder and under the Transition Service Schedules. Specific performance metrics for Adaptec for a specific Service may be set forth in the corresponding Transition Service Schedule. Where none is set forth, Adaptec shall use reasonable efforts to provide Services in accordance with the policies, procedures and practices in effect before the Separation Date relating to or in connection with the Roxio Business and shall exercise the same care and skill as it exercises in performing similar services for itself.

  • Ongoing Performance Measures The Department intends to use performance-reporting tools in order to measure the performance of Contractor(s). These tools will include the Contractor Performance Survey (Exhibit H), to be completed by Customers on a quarterly basis. Such measures will allow the Department to better track Vendor performance through the term of the Contract(s) and ensure that Contractor(s) consistently provide quality services to the State and its Customers. The Department reserves the right to modify the Contractor Performance Survey document and introduce additional performance-reporting tools as they are developed, including online tools (e.g. tools within MFMP or on the Department's website).

  • Performance Measure The specific representation of a process or outcome that is relevant to the assessment of performance; it is quantifiable and can be documented.

  • SCHEDULE FOR PERFORMANCE REVIEWS 8.1 The performance of each Employee in relation to his/her performance agreement shall be reviewed on the following dates with the understanding that reviews in the first and third quarter may be verbal if performance is satisfactory:

  • Performance Targets  There is an expectation that 30% of customers entering Training will move into Employment within 26 weeks of leaving Training.  For the purposes of assessing Provider performance Participants who leave the Programme within 6 weeks of starting Training will be excluded from the total of Participants entering Training.  There is an expectation that 50% of Participants who enter Employment within 26 weeks of leaving Training will remain in Employment for at least 13 weeks in the 26 weeks beginning on the first day of Employment.  Provider performance will be monitored against these expectations in line with Schedule 12 to the Contract and Providers will be required to produce performance improvement plans to improve performance where these targets are not being met.

  • Performance Measurement Satisfactory performance of this Contract will be measured by:

  • Performance Review Where a performance review of an employee’s performance is carried out, the employee shall be given sufficient opportunity after the interview to read and review the performance review. Provision shall be made on the performance review form for an employee to sign it. The form shall provide for the employee’s signature in two (2) places, one (1) indicating that the employee has read and accepts the performance review, and the other indicating that the employee disagrees with the performance review. The employee shall sign in only one (1) of the places provided. No employee may initiate a grievance regarding the contents of a performance review unless the signature indicates disagreement. An employee shall, upon request, receive a copy of this performance review at the time of signing. An employee’s performance review shall not be changed after an employee has signed it, without the knowledge of the employee, and any such changes shall be subject to the grievance procedure of this Agreement. The employee may respond, in writing, to the performance review. Such response will be attached to the performance review.

  • Performance Levels (a) The Performance Levels which apply to the performance by the respective Parties of their obligations under this Agreement are set out in Part 1 of Schedule 5. A failure by either Party to achieve the relevant Performance Level will not constitute a breach of this Agreement and the only consequences of such failure as between the Parties shall be the consequences set out in this Clause 5.6.