INMATE Sample Clauses

INMATE. The term "Inmate" shall mean those prisoners charged or convicted of violations of law and duly contracted from municipal or governmental authorities assigned to the care, custody and control of the Facility.
INMATE. A person, either adult or juvenile, who is living in a County jail, detention facility, or other penal facility, or in a Medical Institution where but for an illness or an injury, the person would be living in a County jail or detention facility or other penal facility, and who may be eligible for FFP payment as determined by AHCCCS.
INMATE adult in custody has tested positive for HIV or hepatitis B or C or other communicable disease that may be transmitted through an individual’s bodily fluids.(2) A disclosure under subsection (1) of this section must be limited to the minimum necessary to inform the physician of possible exposure to HIV, hepatitis B or C or other communicable disease.SECTION 57. ORS 238.015 is amended to read:238.015. (1) No person may become a member of the system unless that person is in the service of a public employer and has completed six months’ service uninterrupted by more than 30 consec- utive working days during the six months’ period. Every employee of a participating employer shall become a member of the system at the beginning of the first full pay period of the employee fol- lowing the six months’ period. Contributions for new members shall first be made for those wages that are attributable to services performed by the employee during the first full pay period following the six months’ period, without regard to when those wages are considered earned for other pur- poses under this chapter. All public employers participating in the Public Employees Retirement System established by chapter 401, Oregon Laws 1945, as amended, at the time of repeal of that chapter, and all school districts of the state, shall participate in, and their employees shall be members of, the system, except as otherwise specifically provided by law.(2) Any active member of the Public Employees Retirement System who, through the annexation of a political subdivision employing the member or by change of employment, becomes the employee of another political subdivision which is participating in the Public Employees Retirement System and has also a separate retirement system for its employees, shall remain an active member of the Public Employees Retirement System unless, within 60 days after the effective date of the annexation or change of employment or April 8, 1953, the member shall by written notice to the Public Employees Retirement Board and to the administrative body of the new public employer elect to relinquish membership in the Public Employees Retirement System and become a member of the separate retirement system of the employer, if eligible for membership in that retirement system, and the member shall be so carried by the new employer. Immediately upon such annexation of any political subdivision or such change of employment, the new public employer shall inform such em- ploye...
INMATE any person lawfully kept in an institution;
INMATE. For TennCare purposes, Inmate means an individual confined in a local, state, or federal prison, jail, YDC, or other penal or correctional facility, including a furlough from such facility. See Tenn. Rule 1200-13-13-.01 and Tenn. Rule 1200-13-14-
INMATE. It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly be an inmate, occupant, customer or participant in the activities of any place or premises described or set out in Section 5 of this Chapter.