Foreign Sample Clauses

Foreign. Any country outside your home country.
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Foreign. (a) Individuals (Non- Resident Individuals/ Foreign Individuals)
Foreign. DOCKET NO. COUNTRY SERIAL NO. FILING DATE PATENT NO. ISSUE DATE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EMU104 PCT PCT/ US91/ 07/31/91 Pub. No. Pub. Date 00685 WO 08/08/91 91/11186 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Australia 73004/91 07/31/91 658136 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barbados 81/219 07/31/91 81/219 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bulgaria 96717 07/31/91 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Canada 2,075,189 07/31/91 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Europe 91904454.5 07/31/91 0513200 09/09/98 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- provisional protection under Article 67(3) in Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finland 923446 07/31/91 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hungary P9202496 07/31/91 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hungary P/P00581 07/31/91 211.300 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Japan 3-504897 07/31/91 618/1995 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Korea 92-701845 07/31/91 188357 01/12/99 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Malawi 49/92 07/31/91 MW 49/92 12/12/94 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monaco PV 07/31/91 93 2233 02/23/93 PCT/US91/ 00685 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Norway P923014 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Romania 1256/310792 108564 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Russia 92016627.04 07/31/91 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xxx Xxxxx 00000 01/29/93 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Foreign. (a) Individuals (Non-Resident Individuals/ Foreign Individuals) (b) Bodies Corporate (c) Institutions
Foreign. Seller is not a foreign corporation, foreign partnership, foreign trust or foreign estate (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code ("Code")), and is not subject to the provisions of Sections 897(a) or 1445 of the Code related to the withholding of sales proceeds to foreign persons.
Foreign. Buyers and Sellers shall use their best efforts to obtain, as soon as practicable after the date of this Agreement, all approvals, authorizations or no-action letters in Australia and South Africa in connection with the transactions contemplated herein with Marixx Xxxtralia and Marixx Xxxth Africa, respectively.
Foreign. (a) Individuals (Non- Resident Individuals/ Foreign Cate- gory code (I) Category of shareholder (II) Number of shareholders (III) Total number of shares (IV) Number of shares held in dematerialized form (V) Total shareholding as a percentage of total number of shares Shares Pledged or otherwise encumbered As a percentage of (A+B) (VI) Number of Shares (VII) As a percentage (VIII) = (VII) / (IV) * 100 Individuals)
Foreign. The term “foreign” when used with respect to applicable Law or a Governmental Authority shall refer to all jurisdictions other than the United States. (j)
Foreign. CURRENCY For any Transaction in a currency other than U.S. dollars for Customer’s Account, or in the event that SG reasonably deems it necessary to convert any of the Collateral deposited by Customer, any profit or loss caused by changes in the rate of exchange for such currency shall be for Customer’s Account and risk at such rates as determined by SG in a commercially manner.
Foreign. (a) a Share Kun-Pledge Agreement made by 4260848 and 4260856 in favour of the Collateral Agent for the benefit of the Lenders (governed by Korean law);