Fitch and S&P Sample Clauses

Fitch and S&P except that for purposes of the Class B-1, Class B-2, Class B-3, Class B-4 and Class B-5 Certificates, Fitch shall be the sole Rating Agency. The Class B-6 Certificates will not be rated. Regular Certificates...... All Classes of Certificates, other than the Residual Certificates.
Fitch and S&P. Regular Certificates......... All Classes of Certificates, other than the Residual Certificates. Residual Certificates........ The Class A-R Certificates. Scheduled Certificates/ Components. The Class 2-A-4, Class 3-A-2, Class 3-A-4, Class 3-A-7 and Class 3-A-8 Certificates and the Class 3-A-5-2 and Class 3-A-5-4 Components.
Fitch and S&P. Regular Certificates......... All Classes of Certificates, other than the Residual Certificates. Residual Certificates........ Class A-R Certificates. Scheduled Principal Classes...................... None. Secondary Planned Principal Class........................ None.

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  • Construction Management Landlord or its Affiliate or agent shall supervise the Work, make disbursements required to be made to the contractor, and act as a liaison between the contractor and Tenant and coordinate the relationship between the Work, the Building and the Building’s Systems. In consideration for Landlord’s construction supervision services, Tenant shall pay to Landlord a construction supervision fee equal to three percent (3%) of Tenant’s Costs specified in Section 7.

  • Construction, Etc Each covenant contained herein shall be construed (absent express provision to the contrary) as being independent of each other covenant contained herein, so that compliance with any one covenant shall not (absent such an express contrary provision) be deemed to excuse compliance with any other covenant. Where any provision herein refers to action to be taken by any Person, or which such Person is prohibited from taking, such provision shall be applicable whether such action is taken directly or indirectly by such Person. For the avoidance of doubt, all Schedules and Exhibits attached to this Agreement shall be deemed to be a part hereof.

  • Construction Contract On each Borrowing Date, the Borrower shall have certified that all conditions and requirements under the Construction Contract required to be satisfied on such Borrowing Date, including in connection with the respective payment installments to be made to the Yard on such Borrowing Date, shall have been satisfied (including, but not limited to, the Borrower’s payment to the Yard of the portion of the payment installment on the Vessel that is not being financed with proceeds of the Loans), other than those that are not materially adverse to the Lenders, it being understood that any litigation between the Yard and the Parent and/or Borrower shall be deemed to be materially adverse to the Lenders.

  • Construction Contracts Lessee has entered into contracts with the Contractors or separate contracts with materialmen and laborers providing for the construction of the Improvements. Lessee will cause the Contractors to promptly furnish Lessor with the complete list of all Sub-contractors or entities as and when under contract, which Contractors propose to engage to furnish labor and/or materials in constructing the Improvements (such list containing the names, addresses, and amounts of such sub-contracts as written in excess individually of $5,000, and prior to disbursement of funds to or for the benefit of such Subcontractors, affidavits of authorized signatory and other documents commercially reasonably required by Title to insure that the Leased Premises remain lien free) and will from time to time furnish Lessor or Title with true copies of all Contracts entered into by Lessee and with the terms of all verbal agreements therefor, if any, and as to subcontractors, letters signed by sub-contractors whose contracts are in excess of $5,000 setting forth the present amount of their contract and the amounts remaining to be paid under that contract, if the same information is not stated on a lien waiver reflecting the most currently requested payment to such subcontractor.

  • Construction Plans Tenant shall prepare final plans and specifications for the Tenant Improvements that (a) are consistent with and are logical evolutions of the Approved Schematic Plans and (b) incorporate any other Tenant-requested (and Landlord-approved) Changes (as defined below). As soon as such final plans and specifications ("Construction Plans") are completed, Tenant shall deliver the same to Landlord for Landlord's approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. All such Construction Plans shall be submitted by Tenant to Landlord in electronic .pdf, CADD and full-size hard copy formats, and shall be approved or disapproved by Landlord within ten (10) business days after delivery to Landlord. Landlord's failure to respond within such ten (10) business day period shall be deemed approval by Landlord. If the Construction Plans are disapproved by Landlord, then Landlord shall notify Tenant in writing of its objections to such Construction Plans, and the parties shall confer and negotiate in good faith to reach agreement on the Construction Plans. Promptly after the Construction Plans are approved by Landlord and Tenant, two (2) copies of such Construction Plans shall be initialed and dated by Landlord and Tenant, and Tenant shall promptly submit such Construction Plans to all appropriate Governmental Authorities for approval. The Construction Plans so approved, and all change orders approved (to the extent required) by Landlord, are referred to herein as the "Approved Plans."

  • Construction of Tenant Improvements Promptly following approval of the Final TI Working Drawings, Landlord shall apply for and use reasonable efforts to obtain the necessary permits and approvals to allow construction of Landlord’s TI Work. Upon receipt of such permits and approvals, Landlord shall, at Tenant’s expense (subject to the application of the Tenant Improvement Allowance provided in this Workletter, and subject to any other applicable provisions of the Lease or of this Workletter expressly making any specific item of expense or cost the responsibility of Landlord), diligently construct and complete Landlord’s TI Work substantially in accordance with the Approved TI Plans, subject to Unavoidable Delays and Tenant Delays (if any). Such construction shall be performed in a good and workmanlike manner and shall conform to all applicable governmental codes, laws and regulations in force at the time such work is completed. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Landlord shall be responsible for compliance of Landlord’s TI Work with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and all similar or related requirements pertaining to access by persons with disabilities, but nothing in this sentence shall be construed to make Landlord responsible for bearing the cost of any such compliance, to the extent the compliance work is reasonably attributable to or related to the particular nature or design of the Tenant Improvements or is for any other reason expressly made Tenant’s cost or responsibility under any applicable provision of the Lease or of this Workletter. Landlord shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to decide whether and to what extent to use union labor on or in connection with Landlord’s Work, and shall use the TI General Contractor to construct all of Landlord’s TI Work. Landlord and Tenant shall each have a right to approve all subcontractors engaged in connection with the construction of the Tenant Improvements and to review and approve all competitive bids for any elements of the Tenant Improvements, such approval in each instance not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed by either party.

  • Construction of the Tenant Improvements Landlord shall construct the Tenant Improvements in accordance with this exhibit and the construction contract to be executed by Landlord and its contractor(s). The construction contract for constructing the Tenant Improvements and the contractor(s) to perform the work shall be approved and/or selected, as the case may be, by Landlord at its sole and absolute discretion without the consent of Tenant.

  • Construction Management Fee In connection with the Construction Projects, on a project by project basis, Property Manager shall be paid a fee equal to five percent (5%) of the hard costs for the project in question (the “Construction Management Fee”). The Construction Management Fee shall be payable from the Operating Account or from other funds timely provided by Company.

  • Property Management Agreement The Property Management Agreement is in full force and effect and, to Borrower's Knowledge, there are no defaults thereunder by any party thereto and no event has occurred that, with the passage of time and/or the giving of notice would constitute a default thereunder.

  • Plans and Specifications Tenant shall be solely responsible for the preparation of the final architectural, electrical and mechanical construction drawings, plans and specifications (called “plans”) necessary for Tenant to construct the Premises for Tenant’s occupancy, which plans shall be subject to approval by Landlord’s architect and engineers and shall comply with their reasonable requirements to avoid aesthetic or other conflicts with the design and function of the balance of the Building. Landlord’s approval is solely given for the benefit of Landlord, and neither Tenant nor any third party shall have the right to rely upon Landlord’s approval of Tenant’s plans for any purpose whatsoever other than that Landlord does not object thereto under this Lease. Landlord’s architects and engineers shall respond (with approval or disapproval) to any plan submission by Tenant within 8 business days after Landlord’s receipt thereof. If Landlord fails to respond to any such submission within such 8 business day period, which failure continues for more than 2 business days after Tenant gives Landlord a written notice (the “Deemed Approved Notice”) advising Landlord that such plan submission shall be deemed approved within 2 business days of Landlord’s receipt of the Deemed Approved Notice, then such plan submission shall be deemed approved hereunder. The Deemed Approved Notice shall, in order to be effective, contain on the first page thereof, in a font at least twice as large as the font of any other text contained in such notice, a legend substantially as follows: “FAILURE TO RESPOND TO THIS NOTICE WITHIN TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS AFTER RECEIPT HEREOF SHALL CONSTITUTE LANDLORD’S APPROVAL OF SUBMITTED PLANS.” In the event Landlord’s architect’s or engineers’ approval of Tenant’s plans is withheld or conditioned, Landlord shall send prompt written notification thereof to Tenant and include a reasonably detailed statement identifying the reasons for such refusal or condition, and Tenant shall promptly have the plans revised by its architect to incorporate all reasonable objections and conditions presented by Landlord and shall resubmit such plans to Landlord. Landlord’s architects and engineers shall respond (with approval or disapproval) to any plan re-submission by Tenant within 8 business days after Landlord’s receipt thereof. Such process shall be followed until the plans shall have been approved by Landlord’s architect and engineers without unreasonable objection or condition. Without limiting the foregoing, Tenant shall be responsible for all elements of the design of Tenant’s plans (including, without limitation, compliance with law, functionality of design, the structural integrity of the design, the configuration of the Premises and the placement of Tenant’s furniture, appliances and equipment), and Landlord’s approval of Tenant’s plans shall in no event relieve Tenant of the responsibility for such design. Tenant agrees it shall be solely responsible for the timely preparation and submission of all such plans and for all elements of the design of such plans and for all costs related thereto. (The word “architect” as used in this Section 3.2 shall include an interior designer or space planner.) Tenant shall reimburse Landlord Landlord’s reasonable out-of-pocket expense incurred in connection with the review of Tenant’s plans.

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