Financial Planning Provided Under Portfolio Management Services Sample Clauses

Financial Planning Provided Under Portfolio Management Services. ‌ For some clients, we provide financial planning services under several formats at the client’s specific direction. For clients that have at least $500,000 under our management, we offer comprehensive financial planning, included as part of the annual percentage-based fee for Portfolio Management Services. We will consider waiving the $500,000 minimum on a case-by-case basis. The financial planning services we provide may be specific or modular in their preparation (unique to each client in their depth of preparation). Topics included as part of the financial planning services can include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

Related to Financial Planning Provided Under Portfolio Management Services

  • Portfolio Management Services As manager of the assets of the Fund, you shall provide continuing investment management of the assets of the Fund in accordance with the investment objectives, policies and restrictions set forth in the Prospectus and SAI; the applicable provisions of the 1940 Act and the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, (the "Code") relating to regulated investment companies and all rules and regulations thereunder; and all other applicable federal and state laws and regulations of which you have knowledge; subject always to policies and instructions adopted by the Trust's Board of Trustees. In connection therewith, you shall use reasonable efforts to manage the Fund so that it will qualify as a regulated investment company under Subchapter M of the Code and regulations issued thereunder. The Fund shall have the benefit of the investment analysis and research, the review of current economic conditions and trends and the consideration of long-range investment policy generally available to your investment advisory clients. In managing the Fund in accordance with the requirements set forth in this section 2, you shall be entitled to receive and act upon advice of counsel to the Trust. You shall also make available to the Trust promptly upon request all of the Fund's investment records and ledgers as are necessary to assist the Trust in complying with the requirements of the 1940 Act and other applicable laws. To the extent required by law, you shall furnish to regulatory authorities having the requisite authority any information or reports in connection with the services provided pursuant to this Agreement which may be requested in order to ascertain whether the operations of the Trust are being conducted in a manner consistent with applicable laws and regulations. You shall determine the securities, instruments, investments, currencies, repurchase agreements, futures, options and other contracts relating to investments to be purchased, sold or entered into by the Fund and place orders with broker-dealers, foreign currency dealers, futures commission merchants or others pursuant to your determinations and all in accordance with Fund policies as expressed in the Registration Statement. You shall determine what portion of the Fund's portfolio shall be invested in securities and other assets and what portion, if any, should be held uninvested. You shall furnish to the Trust's Board of Trustees periodic reports on the investment performance of the Fund and on the performance of your obligations pursuant to this Agreement, and you shall supply such additional reports and information as the Trust's officers or Board of Trustees shall reasonably request.

  • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICES OF THE SUB-ADVISER The Sub-Adviser is hereby employed and authorized to select portfolio securities for investment by the Series, to purchase and to sell securities for the Series Account, and upon making any purchase or sale decision, to place orders for the execution of such portfolio transactions in accordance with Sections 6 and 7 hereof and Schedule A hereto (as amended from time to time). In providing portfolio management services to the Series Account, the Sub-Adviser shall be subject to and shall conform to such investment restrictions as are set forth in the 1940 Act and the rules thereunder, the Internal Revenue Code, applicable state securities laws, applicable statutes and regulations of foreign jurisdictions, the supervision and control of the Board of Trustees of the Fund, such specific instructions as the Board of Trustees may adopt and communicate to the Sub-Adviser, the investment objective, policies and restrictions of the Fund applicable to the Series furnished pursuant to Section 5 of this Agreement, the provisions of Schedule A and Schedule B hereto and other instructions communicated to the Sub-Adviser by the Adviser. The Sub-Adviser is not authorized by the Fund to take any action, including the purchase or sale of securities for the Series Account, in contravention of any restriction, limitation, objective, policy or instruction described in the previous sentence. The Sub-Adviser shall maintain on behalf of the Fund the records listed in Schedule B hereto (as amended from time to time). At the Fund's reasonable request, the Sub-Adviser will consult with the Fund or with the Adviser with respect to any decision made by it with respect to the investments of the Series Account.

  • Portfolio Management Duties Subject to the supervision of the Trust’s Board of Trustees (“Board”) and the Manager, the Subadvisor will provide a continuous investment program for the Series’ Allocated Assets and determine the composition of the assets of the Series’ Allocated Assets, including determination of the purchase, retention or sale of the securities, cash and other investments contained in the portfolio. The Subadvisor will conduct investment research and conduct a continuous program of evaluation, investment, sales and reinvestment of the Series’ Allocated Assets by determining the securities and other investments that shall be purchased, entered into, sold, closed or exchanged for the Series, when these transactions should be executed, and what portion of the Allocated Assets of the Series should be held in the various securities and other investments in which it may invest, and the Subadvisor is hereby authorized to execute and perform such services on behalf of the Series. The Subadvisor will provide the services under this Agreement in accordance with the Series’ investment objective or objectives, policies and restrictions as stated in the Trust’s Registration Statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), as amended, copies of which shall be delivered to the Subadvisor by the Manager. The Subadvisor further agrees as follows:

  • Portfolio Management Subject to supervision by Investment Manager and the Fund’s Board of Directors/Trustees (the “Board”), Subadviser shall manage the investment operations and the composition of that portion of the assets of the Fund which is allocated to Subadviser from time to time by Investment Manager (which portion may include any or all of the Fund’s assets), including the purchase, retention, and disposition thereof, in accordance with the Fund’s investment objectives, policies, and restrictions, and subject to the following understandings:

  • Asset Management Services (i) Real Estate and Related Services:

  • LOAN PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT (1) The Board shall, within ninety (90) days, develop, implement, and thereafter ensure Bank adherence to a written program to improve the Bank's loan portfolio management. The program shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Investment Management Services (a) The Manager shall manage the Fund’s assets subject to and in accordance with the investment objectives and policies of the Fund and any directions which the Trust’s Board of Trustees may issue from time to time. In pursuance of the foregoing, the Manager shall make all determinations with respect to the investment of the Fund’s assets and the purchase and sale of its investment securities, and shall take such steps as may be necessary to implement the same. Such determinations and services shall include determining the manner in which any voting rights, rights to consent to corporate action and any other rights pertaining to the Fund’s investment securities shall be exercised. The Manager shall render or cause to be rendered regular reports to the Trust, at regular meetings of its Board of Trustees and at such other times as may be reasonably requested by the Trust’s Board of Trustees, of (i) the decisions made with respect to the investment of the Fund’s assets and the purchase and sale of its investment securities, (ii) the reasons for such decisions and (iii) the extent to which those decisions have been implemented.

  • RESERVATIONS TO MANAGEMENT 3.01 The union recognizes the right of the company to hire, promote, demote, transfer, discipline, suspend or discharge any employee subject to such regulations and restrictions governing the exercise of these rights as are expressly provided in this agreement and subject to the right of the employee concerned to lodge a grievance in the manner and to the extent herein provided. Any change in rules and regulations to be observed by employees shall be negotiated by the parties.

  • Non-Investment Advisory Services The Fund hereby employs the Manager to provide certain non-investment advisory services for the Portfolio, subject to the direction of the officers and the Board on the terms hereinafter set forth. Specifically, the Manager shall perform or arrange for the performance, as applicable, at its own expense (except as provided in Section 4 or unless otherwise agreed to by the Manager and the Fund, in which case at the Fund’s expense), the following services to the Fund on behalf of the Portfolio to the extent that any such services are not otherwise provided by any other service provider to the Fund:

  • Portfolio Accounting Services (1) Maintain portfolio records on a trade date+1 basis using security trade information communicated from the Fund’s investment adviser.