RESERVATIONS TO MANAGEMENT. 3.01 The Union recognizes the rights, prerogatives and management functions including but not limited to hire, promote, assign, transfer, demote and layoff employees, to suspend, discharge or otherwise discipline employees for just cause. The Union further recognizes the exclusive right of the Company to operate economically and manage its business in all respects, to maintain order and efficiency, direct the work force including but not limited to, determine the location of its plants and offices, the products to be manufactured, the work and job duties to be performed in the plant and offices, the scheduling of its production, its methods, process, and means of manufacturing. The Union further acknowledges that the Company has the right to make and alter, from time to time, rules and regulations to be observed by employees, which rules and regulations shall not be inconsistent with the provisions of this agreement. Any changes are to be discussed with the Union prior to implementation. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to restrict management in any way in the performance of all functions of management except those specifically abridged or modified by this Agreement.
RESERVATIONS TO MANAGEMENT. 6.01 Subject to the provisions of Article 6.02 hereof, and the right of employees to lodge their grievances hereinafter provided, the Union acknowledges that it is the exclusive function of the Employer to operate and manage the Hospital in all respects in accordance with its obligations, and:
RESERVATIONS TO MANAGEMENT. 5.01 The Union acknowledges that it is the exclusive function of the Company to hire, promote, demote, transfer, layoff, and also the right of the Company to discipline, suspend or discharge any employee for just cause, provided a claim by an employee, who has worked thirty (30) days, that the employee has been discharged, disciplined or suspended without just cause may be the subject of a grievance and dealt with as hereinafter provided.