FFF Sample Clauses

FFF. The Company, the Subsidiaries and any of the officers and directors of the Company and the Subsidiaries, in their capacities as such, are, and on the Closing Date will be, in compliance in all material respects with the provisions of the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act of 2002 and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.
FFF. Verified Tier 4 Primary Plaintiff” shall mean a Primary Plaintiff who submits a Claim Form alleging a Tier 4 Qualifying Injury and who the Allocation Neutral determines meets the Tier 4 proof requirements set forth in Section VIII.E of this Agreement, including without limitation the Medical Proof Criteria for one or more Tier 4 Qualifying Injuries set forth in Section XII of this Agreement.
FFF. PLAN" means, at any particular time, any employee benefit plan which is covered by ERISA and in respect of which the Borrower or an ERISA Affiliate is an "employer" as defined in Section 3(5) of ERISA.
FFF. FFF shall procure and maintain, at its own expense, in full force and effect at all times during this Agreement insurance coverage written by a responsible insurance carrier, Best Rated A, including general liability, including products liability insurance with limits of not less than $10 million ($10,000,000) per occurrence and $10 million ($10,000,000) in the aggregate.
FFF. Warrants” means the Warrant to purchase 105,264 shares of the Borrower’s Common Stock at a purchase price of $4.75 per share issued to the Lender on or about May 31, 2007, together with (i) the Warrant to purchase 1,315,542 shares of Borrower’s Common Stock at a purchase price of $0.5321 per share issued to Lender on or about April 2, 2009, (ii) the Warrant to purchase 909,090 shares of Borrower’s Common Stock at a purchase price of $0.66 per share issued to Lender on or about July 1, 2009, and (iii) the Warrant to purchase 848,176 shares of Borrower’s Common Stock at a purchase price of $0.7074 per share issued to the Lender on or about December 31, 2009.

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  • Investment Banking and Finder's Fees Neither the Borrower nor any of its Subsidiaries shall pay or agree to pay, or reimburse any other party with respect to, any investment banking or similar or related fee, underwriter’s fee, finder’s fee, or broker’s fee to any Person in connection with this Agreement. The Borrower shall defend and indemnify the Agent and the Lenders against and hold them harmless from all claims of any Person that the Borrower is obligated to pay for any such fees, and all costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred by the Agent and/or any Lender in connection therewith.

  • LIST OF TABLES Table 2-1. PNNL Identifiers for Glasses Characterized in this Study 2 Table 2-2. Preparation and Measurement Methods Used in Reporting the Concentrations of Each of the Components of the Study Glasses 3 Table 3-1. Results from Samples of the Multi-Element Solution Standard 8 Table 3-2. Normalized PCT Results 10 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS ar As Received ARM Approved Reference Material BDL Below Detection Limit CCC Canister Centerline Cooled DOE U.S. Department of Energy EA Environmental Assessment benchmark glass EDS Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy HLW High Level Waste IC Ion Chromatography ICP-AES Inductively Coupled Plasma – Atomic Emission Spectroscopy JHCM Joule-Heated Ceramic Xxxxxx XX Potassium hydroxide digestion LAW Low Activity Waste LM Lithium Metaborate/tetraborate fusion LRM Low-level Reference Material NCi Normalized Concentration of element i ORP Office of River Protection PCT Product Consistency Test PF Peroxide Fusion PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ppm Parts Per Million RSD Relative Standard Deviation SEM Scanning Electron Microscopy SRNL Savannah River National Laboratory TTQAP Task Technical and Quality Assurance Plan WTP Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant

  • Table 1b Allocation of Commonwealth supported places for designated courses of study for 20191 Cluster No. Funding cluster Number of designated undergraduate places (excluding medical places) for 2019 grant year (EFTSL)2 Number of undergraduate medical places for 2019 grant year (EFTSL) Number of non-research postgraduate places (excluding medical places) for 2019 grant year (EFTSL) Number of postgraduate medical places for 2019 grant year (EFTSL)3 Total number of Commonwealth supported places for 2019 grant year (EFTSL) 8 Medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, agriculture 0 3 11 357 371 Total 71 3 000 000 000 NOTES:

  • Cost Reports Prepare and file all applicable cost reports to all third-party payors, if any, to the extent required by any such third-party payor and, within thirty (30) days thereafter, notify the Administrative Agent of any settlement of any cost report disclosed to the Administrative Agent as being open or unsettled as of the Closing Date to the extent any such cost report would have a materially adverse effect on the Borrowers.

  • Investment Description Appointment The Fund desires to employ the capital of the Fund by investing and reinvesting in investments of the kind and in accordance with the limitations specified in its Articles of Incorporation, as may be amended from time to time, and in the Fund's Prospectus(es) and Statement(s) of Additional Information as from time to time in effect (the "Prospectus" and "SAI," respectively), and in such manner and to such extent as may from time to time be approved by the Board of Directors of the Fund. Copies of the Fund's Prospectus and SAI have been or will be submitted to the Adviser. The Fund desires to employ and hereby appoints the Adviser to act as investment adviser to the Fund. The Adviser accepts the appointment and agrees to furnish the services for the compensation set forth below.

  • No Consents, Etc Neither the respective businesses or properties of the Borrower or any Subsidiary, nor any relationship among the Borrower or any Subsidiary and any other Person, nor any circumstance in connection with the execution, delivery and performance of the Loan Documents and the transactions contemplated thereby, is such as to require a consent, approval or authorization of, or filing, registration or qualification with, any Governmental Authority or any other Person on the part of the Borrower as a condition to the execution, delivery and performance of, or consummation of the transactions contemplated by the Loan Documents, which, if not obtained or effected, would be reasonably likely to have a Material Adverse Effect, or if so, such consent, approval, authorization, filing, registration or qualification has been duly obtained or effected, as the case may be.

  • Other Commission Filings The Current Report and the Form D shall have been filed with the Commission as required pursuant to Section 2.3. The final Prospectus included in the Initial Registration Statement shall have been filed with the Commission prior to Commencement in accordance with Section 2.3 and the Registration Rights Agreement. All reports, schedules, registrations, forms, statements, information and other documents required to have been filed by the Company with the Commission pursuant to the reporting requirements of the Exchange Act, including all material required to have been filed pursuant to Section 13(a) or 15(d) of the Exchange Act, prior to Commencement shall have been filed with the Commission.

  • General Summary This position is filled by concurrent appointment by the Mid Michigan District Board of Health, the Central Michigan District Board of Health, and the District Health Department #10 Board of Health. Under the general direction of the Health Officer, serves as chief medical authority for Mid Michigan District Health Department (MMDHD), Central Michigan District Health Department (CMDHD), and District Health Department #10 (DHD#10), directing all medically related activities in the districts, enforcing State laws and local regulations pertaining to public health. Supervises large staff providing medical and public health related services and programs to the district concerning medically related issues. Develops, recommends and implements department medical policies and programs relating to public health and serves as liaison between the departments and the public. Provides medical consultations dealing with disease prevention and health promotion.

  • Management Reports Promptly upon receipt thereof, copies of all detailed financial and management reports submitted to the Company by independent auditors in connection with each annual or interim audit made by such auditors of the books of the Company.

  • Provisions Solely to Define Relative Rights The provisions of this Article XII are and are intended solely for the purpose of defining the relative rights of the Holders of the Securities on the one hand and the holders of Senior Debt on the other hand. Nothing contained in this Article XII or elsewhere in this Indenture or in the Securities is intended to or shall (a) impair, as between the Company and the Holders of the Securities, the obligations of the Company, which are absolute and unconditional, to pay to the Holders of the Securities the principal of and any premium and interest (including any Additional Interest) on the Securities as and when the same shall become due and payable in accordance with their terms, (b) affect the relative rights against the Company of the Holders of the Securities and creditors of the Company other than their rights in relation to the holders of Senior Debt or (c) prevent the Trustee or the Holder of any Security (or to the extent expressly provided herein, the holder of any Preferred Security) from exercising all remedies otherwise permitted by applicable law upon default under this Indenture, including filing and voting claims in any Proceeding, subject to the rights, if any, under this Article XII of the holders of Senior Debt to receive cash, property and securities otherwise payable or deliverable to the Trustee or such Holder.