Family Assessment Sample Clauses

Related to Family Assessment

  • Security Assessment If Accenture reasonably determines, or in good faith believes, that Supplier’s security practices or procedures do not meet Supplier’s obligations under the Agreement, then Accenture will notify Supplier of the deficiencies. Supplier will without unreasonable delay: (i) correct such deficiencies at its own expense; (ii) permit Accenture, or its duly authorized representatives, to assess Supplier’s security-related activities that are relevant to the Agreement; and (iii) timely complete a security questionnaire from Accenture on a periodic basis upon Accenture’s request. Security issues identified by Accenture will be assigned risk ratings and an agreed-to timeframe to remediate. Supplier will remediate all the security issues identified within the agreed to timeframes. Upon Supplier’s failure to remediate any high or medium rated security issues within the stated timeframes, Accenture may terminate the Agreement in accordance with Section 8 above.

  • Diagnostic Assessment 6.3.1 Boards shall provide a list of pre-approved assessment tools consistent with their Board improvement plan for student achievement and which is compliant with Ministry of Education PPM (PPM 155: Diagnostic Assessment in Support of Student Learning, date of issue January 7, 2013).

  • Joint Assessment If the Building is not separately assessed, Real Property Taxes allocated to the Building shall be an equitable proportion of the Real Property Taxes for all of the land and improvements included within the tax parcel assessed, such proportion to be determined by Lessor from the respective valuations assigned in the assessor's work sheets or such other information as may be reasonably available. Lessor's reasonable determination thereof, in good faith, shall be conclusive.

  • Needs Assessment The determination of whether the Annual Income of a family or individual occupying or seeking to occupy a Qualifying Unit complies with the requirements for Extremely Low-Income Households or Low- to Moderate-Income Households shall be made by the applicable housing authority in the CDBG-DR Program area prior to admission of such family or individual to occupancy of a Qualifying Unit.

  • Environmental Assessment In connection with its surrender of the Premises, Tenant shall submit to Landlord, at least fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration date of this Lease (or in the event of an earlier termination of this Lease, as soon as reasonably possible following such termination), an environmental Assessment of the Premises by a competent and experienced environmental engineer or engineering firm reasonably satisfactory to Landlord (pursuant to a contract approved by Landlord and providing that Landlord can rely on the Environmental Assessment). If such Environmental Assessment reveals that remediation or Clean-up is required under any Environmental Laws that Tenant is responsible for under this Lease, Tenant shall submit a remediation plan prepared by a recognized environmental consultant and shall be responsible for all costs of remediation and Clean-up, as more particularly provided in Section 5.3, above.

  • Evaluation Cycle: Formative Assessment A) A specific purpose for evaluation is to promote student learning, growth and achievement by providing Educators with feedback for improvement. Evaluators are expected to make frequent unannounced visits to classrooms. Evaluators are expected to give targeted constructive feedback to Educators based on their observations of practice, examination of artifacts, and analysis of multiple measures of student learning, growth and achievement in relation to the Standards and Indicators of Effective Teaching Practice.

  • Risk Assessment An assessment of any risks inherent in the work requirements and actions to mitigate these risks.

  • No Joint Assessment Borrower shall not suffer, permit or initiate the joint assessment of the Property (a) with any other real property constituting a tax lot separate from the Property, and (b) which constitutes real property with any portion of the Property which may be deemed to constitute personal property, or any other procedure whereby the lien of any taxes which may be levied against such personal property shall be assessed or levied or charged to such real property portion of the Property.

  • Performance Assessment 6.1 The Performance Plan (Annexure A) to this Agreement sets out key performance indicators and competencies that needs to be evaluated in terms of –

  • Review of assessment The assessment of the applicable percentage should be subject to annual review or earlier on the basis of a reasonable request for such a review. The process of review shall be in accordance with the procedures for assessing capacity under the Supported Wage System.