Facility C Sample Clauses

Facility C. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Lender makes available to the Borrower a US dollar term loan facility in an aggregate amount equal to the Facility C Commitment.
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Facility C. Each Lender agrees to lend to Borrower its Pro Rata Part of one or more Loans under Facility C, which Borrower may borrow, repay and reborrow under this Agreement. Loans under Facility C are subject to the following conditions:
Facility C. Each Lender severally agrees, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, to make a term Loan to the Borrower not to exceed its Facility C Commitment. Such Loan shall be made by way of a single borrowing made on the Closing Date. Any portion of each Lender's Facility C Commitment not utilized by such borrowing on such date shall be permanently canceled.
Facility C. (a) Facility C may only be utilised by way of Letters of Credit.
Facility C. The proceeds of the single Advance made by the Lenders under Facility C was used by LP primarily to indirectly refinance certain term indebtedness of LP.
Facility C. LP has, in accordance with the provisions of the Original Agreement prior to the date hereof, borrowed by way of a single drawdown under Facility C a principal amount of US$45,000,000. As at the date hereof, a principal amount of US$45,000,000 remains outstanding under Facility C.
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Facility C. Only one Advance has been made available under Facility C. No further Advances are available under Facility C and the principal amount outstanding under Facility C as at the date hereof is US $45,000,000.
Facility C. The Borrowers may borrow up to US$250,000,000 under Facility C after the Agent has received all of the items listed in Schedule 3 in a form satisfactory to it. The Borrowers may borrow a further amount up to US$250,000,000 under Facility C after the Parent has issued the New Equity.
Facility C. Until the Revolving Credit Termination Date, each Lender agrees, on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, to make loans (each, a "Facility C Loan" and, collectively, the "Facility C Loans") to the Borrowers from time to time in a principal amount requested by either Borrower. The maximum amount of the Facility C Commitment which each Lender agrees to extend to the Borrowers shall be as set forth opposite such Lender's signature hereto under the heading "Facility C Commitment" or as otherwise provided in Section 10.13 hereof, as such amount may be reduced pursuant hereto. The Borrowers may use the Facility C Commitments by borrowing, repaying and reborrowing Facility C Loans in whole or in part as more fully set forth herein, provided that the aggregate principal amount of Facility C Loans outstanding at any one time shall not exceed the Facility C Commitments. The obligations of the Lenders hereunder are several and not joint, and no Lender shall under any circumstances be obligated to extend credit under the Facility C Commitments in excess of its Facility C Commitment. Each Borrowing of Facility C Loans shall be made ratably by the Lenders in accordance with their Facility C Commitments. On each June 15 occurring after the earlier to occur of (i) the date two years after the date hereof and (ii) the date on which the Borrowers shall have borrowed more than 50% of the Facility C Commitments (without giving effect to any repayments thereof), the Borrowers shall repay one-seventh (1/7th) of the original principal amount of each Facility C Loan outstanding on the immediately preceding March 31 with the aggregate principal amount of all Facility C Loans not sooner paid due and payable on the Revolving Credit Termination Date. In order to so repay the Facility C Loans in accordance with clauses (i) and (ii) of the preceding sentence, the Borrowers shall select Eurodollar Interest Periods that end on or before the dates for such payments or have outstanding Domestic Rate Loans in an amount sufficient so that all such required payments may be made on or before the required payment dates through repayments of Domestic Rate Loans or repayments of Eurodollar Loans on the last day of their Interest Periods, without refunding such Eurodollar Loans with new Facility C Loans, and not through repayments of Eurodollar Loans before the last day of their then applicable Interest Periods.
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