Exercise Price Per Share Sample Clauses

Exercise Price Per Share. The “Exercise Price” per Share at which the Participant will be entitled to purchase the Stock covered by the Options will be $________ per Share.
Exercise Price Per Share. The exercise price of the Grant shall be the greater of (i) $6.82 or (ii) the trailing thirty (30) day volume weighted average price of the Company’s Common Shares determined as of the Grant Date.
Exercise Price Per Share. Equal to the fair market value of the Pernix Group, Inc. Common Stock (“Common Stock” or “Stock”) as of the Date of Grant. Fair market value shall be determined in accordance with the Plan document as defined.
Exercise Price Per Share. The term "Exercise Price Per Share" shall have the meaning specified in Section 10(b).
Exercise Price Per Share. 5. The Option will become exercisable upon vesting in accordance with the following schedule:
Exercise Price Per Share. The Exercise Price per Share shall not be less than the Fair Market Value per Share as of the Grant Date, or if Optionee owns stock representing greater than 10% of the voting power of the Company or any Parent or Subsidiary (a “10% Owner”), 110% of the Fair Market Value per Share as of the Grant Date, as may be further adjusted pursuant to the Plan.
Exercise Price Per Share. $__________________
Exercise Price Per Share. Grant Date Expiration Date(1)
Exercise Price Per Share. The Stock Option Agreement shall be amended as follows to reflect a reduction from $1.80 to $1.25