Event occurs Sample Clauses

Event occurs. In the event that any Person shall become an Acquiring Person and the Rights shall then be outstanding, the Company shall not take any action which would eliminate or diminish the benefits intended to be afforded by the Rights.
Event occurs. For purposes of this Section 11(a)(iii), the per share or per unit value of any share of Common Stock or Common Stock Equivalent to be delivered pursuant to this Section 11(a)(iii) shall be deemed to equal the Current Market Price (as determined pursuant to Section 11(d) hereof) per share of the Common Stock on the date the Section 11(a)(ii) Event occurs, subject to adjustment as appropriate in accordance with Section 11(f) hereof.
Event occurs. 6.1 The provisions of this Clause 6 of Schedule 10 only apply once a 5.3(b) event occurs.

Related to Event occurs

  • Notification of Event of Default Borrower shall notify Agent immediately of the occurrence of any Event of Default.

  • Default or Event of Default No Default or Event of Default hereunder has occurred or is continuing or will occur as a result of the giving effect hereto.

  • Additional Event of Default The following will constitute an additional Event of Default with respect to Party B: "NOTE ACCELERATION NOTICE. A Note Acceleration Notice is served on Party B in relation to the Series [1/2] Class [A/B/C] Fifth Issuer Notes."

  • Event As provided in the Rights Agreement, the Purchase Price and the number and kind of Preferred Shares or other securities which may be purchased upon the exercise of the Rights evidenced by this Rights Certificate are subject to modification and adjustment upon the happening of certain events, including Triggering Events (as such term is defined in the Rights Agreement). This Rights Certificate is subject to all of the terms, provisions and conditions of the Rights Agreement, which terms, provisions and conditions are hereby incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof and to which Rights Agreement reference is hereby made for a full description of the rights, limitations of rights, obligations, duties and immunities hereunder of the Rights Agent, the Company and the holders of the Rights Certificates which limitations of rights include the temporary suspension of the exercisability of such Rights under the specific circumstances set forth in the Rights Agreement. Copies of the Rights Agreement are on file at the principal offices of the Company and are also available upon written request to the Company. This Rights Certificate, with or without other Rights Certificates, upon surrender at the office or offices of the Rights Agent designated for such purpose, may be exchanged for another Rights Certificate or Rights Certificates of like tenor and date evidencing Rights entitling the holder to purchase a like aggregate number of one fourhundredths of a Preferred Share as the Rights evidenced by the Rights Certificate or Rights Certificates surrendered shall have entitled such holder to purchase. If this Rights Certificate shall be exercised in part, the holder shall be entitled to receive upon surrender hereof another Rights Certificate or Rights Certificates for the number of whole Rights not exercised. Subject to the provisions of the Rights Agreement, the Rights evidenced by this Certificate may be redeemed by the Company at its option, with the approval of a majority of the Continuing Directors (as such term is defined in the Rights Agreement), at a redemption price of $.0025 per Right, payable, at the option of the Company, in cash or Common Shares, at any time prior to the earlier of the close of business on (i) the tenth day (as such time period may be extended or shortened pursuant to the Rights Agreement) following the Share Acquisition Date (as such term is defined in the Rights Agreement) and (ii) the Final Expiration Date. No fractional Preferred Shares will be issued upon the exercise of any Right or Rights evidenced hereby (other than fractions which are integral multiples of one fourhundredths of a Preferred Share, which may, at the election of the Company, be evidenced by depositary receipts), but in lieu thereof a cash payment will be made, as provided in the Rights Agreement. No holder of this Rights Certificate shall be entitled to vote or receive dividends or be deemed for any purpose the holder of the Preferred Shares or of any other securities of the Company which may at any time be issuable on the exercise hereof, nor shall anything contained in the Rights Agreement or herein be construed to confer upon the holder hereof, as such, any of the rights of a shareholder of the Company or any right to vote for the election of directors or upon any matter submitted to shareholders at any meeting thereof, or to give or withhold consent to any corporate action, or, to receive notice of meetings or other actions affecting shareholders (except as provided in the Rights Agreement), or to receive dividends or subscription rights, or otherwise, until the Right or Rights evidenced by this Rights Certificate shall have been exercised as provided in the Rights Agreement. This Rights Certificate shall not be valid or obligatory for any purpose until it shall have been countersigned by the Rights Agent.

  • Termination Event; Notice The Purchase Contracts and all obligations and rights of the Company and the Holders thereunder, including, without limitation, the rights of the Holders to receive and the obligation of the Company to pay any Contract Adjustment Payments or any Deferred Contract Adjustment Payments, and the rights and obligations of the Holders to purchase shares of Common Stock, will immediately and automatically terminate, without the necessity of any notice or action by any Holder, the Purchase Contract Agent or the Company, if, on or prior to the Purchase Contract Settlement Date, a Termination Event shall have occurred. Upon the occurrence of a Termination Event, the Company shall promptly but in no event later than two Business Days thereafter give written notice thereof to the Purchase Contract Agent, the Collateral Agent, and to the Holders at their addresses as they appear in the Security Register. Upon and after the occurrence of a Termination Event, the Units shall thereafter represent the right to receive the Debentures underlying the Applicable Ownership Interest in Debentures or the Applicable Ownership Interest in the Treasury Portfolio, as the case may be, forming a part of such Units in the case of Corporate Units, or Treasury Securities in the case of Treasury Units, in accordance with the provisions of Section 4.3 of the Pledge Agreement.

  • Notice of Event of Default Subject to Section 5.01, the Indenture Trustee shall promptly mail to each Noteholder notice of the Event of Default after it is actually known to a Responsible Officer of the Indenture Trustee, unless such Event of Default shall have been waived or cured. Except in the case of an Event of Default in payment of principal of or interest on any Note, the Indenture Trustee may withhold the notice if and so long as it in good faith determines that withholding the notice is in the interests of Noteholders.

  • Event of Default a statement that such officer has reviewed the relevant terms hereof and has made, or caused to be made, under his or her supervision, a review of the transactions and conditions of the Company and its Subsidiaries from the beginning of the quarterly or annual period covered by the statements then being furnished to the date of the certificate and that such review shall not have disclosed the existence during such period of any condition or event that constitutes a Default or an Event of Default or, if any such condition or event existed or exists (including, without limitation, any such event or condition resulting from the failure of the Company or any Subsidiary to comply with any Environmental Law), specifying the nature and period of existence thereof and what action the Company shall have taken or proposes to take with respect thereto.

  • Major Default The Purchasers shall be considered to be in “Major Default” in the event that (a) the Purchasers are in breach of their obligations under the Agreement and (b) such breaches, individually or in the aggregate, resulted or would reasonably be expected to result in (i) material Losses to the Sellers or their Affiliates, (ii) material reputational harm to the Sellers or their Affiliates, (iii) material and adverse regulatory consequences to the Sellers or their Affiliates, for which, in each case of clauses (i) through (iii), indemnification by the Purchasers pursuant to Article 8 of the Agreement would not be sufficient to remedy all damages incurred by the Sellers and their Affiliates or (iv) if the Sellers reasonably determine, based on the advice of counsel, that it would reasonably be expected to be a violation of their fiduciary duties under applicable Law to not terminate the Agreement, taking into account the indemnification by the Purchasers pursuant to Article 8 of the Agreement; provided, that the following breaches shall be excluded, and not taken into account, in determining if a Major Default has occurred: (x) any breach to the extent resulting from any action taken by the Purchasers pursuant to and in accordance with written direction given by the Sellers and (y) any breach to the extent arising out of or resulting from, directly or indirectly, a breach by the Sellers of the Agreement, the Transition Services Agreement or the Purchase Agreement.

  • Event of Default; Notice (a) The Guarantee Trustee shall, within 90 days after the occurrence of an Event of Default, transmit by mail, first class postage prepaid, to the Holders, notices of all Events of Default known to the Guarantee Trustee, unless such defaults have been cured before the giving of such notice, provided, that, except in the case of a default in the payment of a Guarantee Payment, the Guarantee Trustee shall be protected in withholding such notice if and so long as the Board of Directors, the executive committee or a trust committee of directors and/or Responsible Officers of the Guarantee Trustee in good faith determines that the withholding of such notice is in the interests of the Holders.

  • Action if Other Event of Default If any Event of Default (other than any Event of Default described in clauses (a) through (e) of Section 8.1.9) shall occur for any reason, whether voluntary or involuntary, and be continuing, the Agent, upon the direction of the Required Lenders, shall by notice to the Borrower declare all or any portion of the outstanding principal amount of the Loans and other Obligations to be due and payable and/or the Revolving Commitments (if not theretofore terminated) and/or the obligation of the Letter of Credit Issuer to issue Letters of Credit to be terminated, whereupon the full unpaid amount of such Loans and other Obligations which shall be so declared due and payable shall be and become immediately due and payable, without further notice, demand or presentment, and/or, as the case may be, the Revolving Commitments shall terminate.