Default Event definition

Default Event means an event where:
Default Event means an event or circumstance which leads Operator to determine that a Venue User is or appears to be unable or likely to become unable to meet its obligations in respect of an Order or Transaction or to comply with any other obligation under an Agreement or Applicable Law.
Default Event means any material breach by the Corporation of its obligations under this Certificate of Designations, other than a Non-Payment Event, which, if curable, is not cured on or prior to the 30th day after receipt of written notice from Ares after such default.

Examples of Default Event in a sentence

The provisions of this Section 11.16 are for the sole and exclusive benefit of the Trustee and no failure by the Issuer to comply with, or any breach of, this Section 11.16 shall constitute a Default, Event of Default or other default with respect to the Notes or under this Indenture, nor shall any person other than the Issuer and the Trustee have any rights under this Section 11.16.

If the Lending Agent determines that a Buy-In is commercially impracticable (for any reason other than price), the Lending Agent shall, in lieu of effecting a Buy-In, pay to the affected Client an amount equal to the market value of the loaned securities determined at the close of business on the date of the Default Event to be reduced by any shortfall diminution in the value of the Collateral due to reinvestment risk that is borne by the Client pursuant to Section 5.

Default Event Viewing Filter Dialog Box‌3 Select or deselect the Critical, Warning , or Informational entries to control which kinds of messages appear in the Global Current Event Log and the Server Historic Event Log.

The obligation to provide an Additional Contribution shall apply for each Default Event occurring before the date of termination of a clearing license according to section 2.1.8.(7) Within a period of oOne Business Day after the Request request for Additional Contribution, ECC shall also furnish a further contribution to the Dedicated Own Pre-Funded Financial Re- sources according to section 3.7.2 (“ECC’s Additional Contribution”).

The Lending Agent shall purchase an amount of replacement securities having a value equal to the value of the securities on loan for which a Default Event has been declared.

More Definitions of Default Event

Default Event means any of the following events: (1) any time when the Company fails to make a mandatory redemption of the Senior Preferred Stock when required (whether or not any contractual or other restrictions apply to such redemption) pursuant to paragraph (e)(ii) hereof; or (2) any time when the Company fails to make an offer to repurchase all of the outstanding shares of Senior Preferred Stock following a Change of Control, if such offer to repurchase is required to be made pursuant to paragraph (g)(i) hereof (whether or not any contractual or other restrictions apply to such redemption).
Default Event means the occurrence of any of the following events:
Default Event means a General Default or a Project Default;
Default Event means any of the circumstances set forth in Article 7 hereof.
Default Event means a scenario in which the CCP has declared in default:
Default Event means the occurrence at any time of any of the following events:
Default Event means (i) any Event of Default with respect to Pledgor, (ii) any Termination Event with respect to which Pledgor is the Affected Party or an Affected Party or (iii) an Extraordinary Event that results in an obligation of Pledgor to pay an amount pursuant to Section 12.7 of the Equity Definitions.