Additional Event of Default definition

Additional Event of Default means Transactional Cross Default or Indebtedness Cross Default, each as and if selected by the parties pursuant to the Base Contract.
Additional Event of Default. Not Applicable. Applicable specified in Part 1(h) (Acceleration of Notes)
Additional Event of Default means an additional Event of Default specified in Section 8.1(i) of the Cover Sheet (if any).

Examples of Additional Event of Default in a sentence

  • Additional Event of Default......................................................................

  • Additional Event of Default 14 Article 9 TAX TREATMENT 14 Section 9.01.

  • The Additional Event of Default shall cease to constitute an “Event of Default” under the Facilities Agreement and shall have no further force or effect on and from the date on which a Successful Syndication (as defined in the Syndication Letter) of the Facilities is achieved.

  • Section 10.2 shall be deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following: 10.2 In the event an Event of Default or Additional Event of Default occurs then the Non-Defaulting Party shall have the right, at its sole election, to immediately withhold and/or suspend deliveries or payments upon Notice and/or to terminate and liquidate the transactions under the Contract, in the manner provided in Section 10.3, in addition to any and all other remedies available hereunder.

  • For the winter 2016/2017 the area was typically covered by only 10-25 images over the 6-month period, whereas for the winter 2018/2019 there was 60-100 images over most of southern Norway.

More Definitions of Additional Event of Default

Additional Event of Default means either (i) the Borrower’s failure to comply with any term or condition of this Agreement or (ii) the occurrence of an Event of Default other than the Specified Defaults, whether the same occurred before, on, or after the Fifth Amendment Date.
Additional Event of Default. Applicable. Applicable. specified in Part 1(h) (Acceleration of Notes)
Additional Event of Default. Not Applicable. Applicable specified in Part 1(h) (Acceleration of Group I Notes)
Additional Event of Default means: [specify if applicable]
Additional Event of Default. Section 5(a) of the Agreement is modified by adding at the end thereof the following subsection (ix):
Additional Event of Default. The Company has not completed each Private Convertible Note Exchange by June 30, 2016 (other than by reason of a material breach of the relevant Transaction Support Agreement by the relevant Supporting Convertible Noteholder). Registration Rights All shares of Company Common Stock issued in connection with the Secured Note Exchange Offer will have customary shelf registration rights pursuant to a customary registration rights agreement (the “Registration Rights Agreement”). The Registration Rights Agreement will permit all legal means of monetizing the Company Common Stock by the selling stockholders. Pursuant to the Registration Rights Agreement, the Company shall file a registration statement (the “Registration Statement”) on Form S-3 (or another appropriate form, if Form S-3 is unavailable) to register the resale of such Company Common Stock not later than the fifth business day after the date it files its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2015 and seek to have it declared effective by the SEC as soon as practicable thereafter. The New Secured Notes will not have registration rights.
Additional Event of Default. In addition to the events of default listed in the Promissory Note, the failure by Debtor to make any payment required by the terms of this Modification and Extension Agreement will be a default.