Establish Reserves Sample Clauses

Establish Reserves. The Company shall establish such reserves for unknown or contingent liabilities as are appropriate.
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Establish Reserves. Establish any reserve in such amount as is determined appropriate by the General Partner.
Establish Reserves establish and accumulate as part of the Trust Fund a reserve adequate, in the opinion of the Board, to carry out the purposes of the Trust Fund and Plan and to utilize the reserve from time to time as the Board deems appropriate;
Establish Reserves. Establish any reserve subject to the approved budget.

Related to Establish Reserves

  • Establishment of Reserve Account Pledgor and Secured Party hereby authorize and direct Securities Intermediary to establish and maintain in its corporate trust department, a segregated trust account that is an Eligible Deposit Account and that is a “securities account” as that term is defined in Section 8-501(a) of the UCC in the name of Secured Party and under the sole dominion and control of Secured Party, designated as “Toyota Auto Receivables 20[__]-[_] Owner Trust Reserve Account.” Securities Intermediary hereby undertakes to treat Secured Party as the person entitled to exercise the rights that comprise any Financial Asset credited to the Reserve Account. Secured Party and Pledgor agree that this account shall be the Reserve Account.

  • Tax Reserves The Company has established on its books and records adequate reserves for all Taxes and for any liability for deferred income taxes in accordance with Adjusted GAAP.

  • Loan Loss Reserves With respect to the Bank, maintain at all times loan loss reserves in amounts deemed adequate by all federal and state regulatory authorities.

  • Insurance Reserves Lender may require Grantor to maintain with Lender reserves for payment of insurance premiums, which reserves shall be created by monthly payments from Grantor of a sum estimated by Lender to be sufficient to produce, at least fifteen (15) days before the premium due date, amounts at least equal to the insurance premiums to be paid. If fifteen (15) days before payment is due, the reserve funds are insufficient, Grantor shall upon demand pay any deficiency to Lender. The reserve funds shall be held by Lender as a general deposit and shall constitute a non-interest-bearing account which Lender may satisfy by payment of the insurance premiums required to be paid by Grantor as they become due. Lender does not hold the reserve funds in trust for Grantor, and Lender is not the agent of Grantor for payment of the insurance premiums required to be paid by Grantor. The responsibility for the payment of premiums shall remain Grantor's sole responsibility.

  • Availability Reserves All Revolving Loans otherwise available to Borrower pursuant to the lending formulas and subject to the Maximum Credit and other applicable limits hereunder shall be subject to Lender's continuing right to establish and revise Availability Reserves.

  • Establishment On and after the Closing Date, the Indenture Trustee will maintain the Bank Accounts established by the Servicer under Section 4.1 of the Sale and Servicing Agreement.

  • Establishment of Collateral Account The Securities Intermediary hereby confirms that:

  • Establishment of Account (a) The Fund hereby appoints the Custodian as the custodian of all Securities and cash at any time delivered to the Custodian to be held under this Agreement. The Custodian hereby accepts such appointment and agrees to establish and maintain one or more accounts for each Series in which the Custodian will hold Securities and cash as provided herein. Such accounts (each, an “Account,” and collectively, the “Accounts”) shall be in the name of the Fund and Series, if any.

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