Equity Pledge Agreement Sample Clauses

Equity Pledge Agreement. 6.4 Pledgor hereby undertakes to comply with and perform all guarantees, promises, agreements, representations and conditions under this Agreement. In the event of failure or partial performance of its guarantees, promises, agreements, representations and conditions, Pledgor shall indemnify Pledgee for all losses resulting therefrom.
Equity Pledge Agreement. 6.4 The Pledgor warrants to the Pledgee that the Pledgor will comply with and perform all the warranties, undertakings, agreements, representations and conditions hereunder. If the Pledgor fails to perform or fully perform his warranties, undertakings, agreements, representations and conditions, the Pledgor shall indemnify the Pledgee against all the losses which may arise from such failure.
Equity Pledge Agreement. 8.4 The proceeds from the Pledgee’s exercise of the Pledge shall be first used to pay the taxes and expenses which become payable as a result of the disposition of the Pledged Equity, to perform the Contractual Obligations to the Pledgee, and to repay the Secured Debts. If there is any remaining amount after payment of the foresaid sums, the Pledgee shall return such remaining amount to the Pledgor or any other person who is entitled to such remaining amount under applicable laws and regulations, or deposit the same with the notary public at the place where the Pledgor is located, and the Pledgor shall be solely liable for any costs and expenses that may arise therefrom. To the extent permitted by the PRC laws, the Pledgor shall unconditionally donate such remaining sum to the Pledgee or its designated person.
Equity Pledge Agreement. For performance of the terms of the Transaction Documents (as defined below), upon negotiations, the Parties have agreed to enter into this Agreement in accordance with the following terms:
Equity Pledge Agreement. 10.3 The Pledgee may at any time transfer all or any of its rights and obligations in the Transaction Documents and this Agreement to its designated person(s), in which case, the assignee(s) shall have the rights and obligations which the Pledgee have under the Transaction Documents and this Agreement, as if such assignee(s) was an original party hereto.
Equity Pledge Agreement. The holders of all of the outstanding member interests in the Borrower (other than the Lender) shall execute and deliver to Lender the Equity Pledge Agreement dated as of the Closing Date, such agreement to be in form and substance satisfactory to the Lender. The Borrower, by its execution of the Equity Pledge Agreement, shall acknowledge the terms and provisions of such agreement.
Equity Pledge Agreement. The Equity Pledge Agreement, pursuant to which the Equity Owners of the Borrower will pledge to the Administrative Agent in its capacity as the Collateral Agent for the benefit of the Secured Parties all of their respective right, title and interest in the Pledged Equity Interests; and
Equity Pledge Agreement. Each of Parent and the Subsidiary shall have executed and delivered to Lender its Equity Pledge Agreement.
Equity Pledge Agreement. (3) Except for the performance of the Equity Option Agreement, Pledgor transfers or purports to transfer or abandons the Equity Interest pledged or assigns the Equity Interest pledged without the written consent of Pledgee; and