Stock Pledge Agreement Sample Clauses

Stock Pledge Agreement. The term "Stock Pledge Agreement" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.3(xiii).
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Stock Pledge Agreement. The Stock Pledge Agreement, dated or to be dated on or prior to the Closing Date, between the Borrower and the Agent and in form and substance satisfactory to the Banks and the Agent.
Stock Pledge Agreement. Seller shall have delivered to Buyer a Stock Pledge Agreement in the form attached as Exhibit E ("Stock Pledge") as well as the Parent Shares issuable to the Seller at the Closing (complete with stock powers executed in blank).
Stock Pledge Agreement. In support of the unlimited guaranty to be delivered by Healthcare, Healthcare shall pledge 100% of the stock and ownership interests in Borrower to Lender, to be evidenced by a Stock Pledge Agreement in form and substance approved by Lender (the “Stock Pledge Agreement”) and in connection therewith Healthcare shall deliver to Lender all original stock certificates (the “Stock Certificates”) together with a stock power endorsed in blank (the “Stock Power”).
Stock Pledge Agreement. Together with delivery of all original stock certificates indorsed to Agent, as agent for each Lender and Sovereign.
Stock Pledge Agreement. Concurrently herewith certain of the Companies are executing and delivering to the Administrative Agent, for the benefit of the Lenders and the Administrative Agent, a stock pledge agreement pursuant to which each Company party thereto is pledging to the Administrative Agent, for the benefit of the Lenders and the Administrative Agent, all of its shares of capital stock in certain of its Subsidiaries. Such pledges shall be governed by the terms of such pledge agreement and not by the terms of this Agreement.
Stock Pledge Agreement. 13 1.87 Subordinated Creditor .........................13 1.88
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Stock Pledge Agreement. To secure the obligations of the Company under this Agreement and the Note, the Company shall pledge, hypothecate, and assign, to the Purchaser all the capital stock of its Subsidiaries (the “Pledged Shares”), pursuant to that certain Stock Pledge Agreement and Escrow Agreement, dated as of February 1, 2007 between the Company and the Purchaser (the “Stock Pledge Agreement”). The parties acknowledge and agree that the term “Obligations” as defined in the Stock Pledge Agreement, includes all obligations of the Company to the Purchaser, including without limitation, those obligations of the Company under the Note and Transaction Documents. The Parties further acknowledge that the Pledged Shares were previously transferred and delivered to Qxxxxxx & Bxxxx LLP (the “Escrow Agent”) pursuant to the terms of that certain Stock Pledge and Escrow Agreement, dated August 11, 2006.
Stock Pledge Agreement. If the Company shall enter into a stock pledge agreement in form and substance satisfactory to the Requisite Holders (each, a "Stock Pledge Agreement") pursuant to which the Company shall grant to the Collateral Agent or any other Institutional Holder a pledge of and security interest in the capital stock of a Subsidiary, then and in such event, the Company shall concurrently with the execution and delivery of such Stock Pledge Agreement, deliver to each of the holders of the Notes the following items:
Stock Pledge Agreement. FS Tenant Holding Company Trust hereby confirms that all references to theMaster Lease” in that certain Pledge of Shares of Beneficial Interest Agreement, dated as of January 7, 2002, made by FS Tenant Holding Company Trust in favor of Landlord shall refer to the Lease as amended by this Amendment.
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