Energy Measurement Sample Clauses

Energy Measurement. Seller shall install one or more meters, as Seller deems appropriate, at or immediately before the Delivery Point to measure the output of the System. Such meter shall meet the general commercial standards of the solar photovoltaic industry or the required standard of the Utility. Seller shall maintain the meters in accordance with industry standards.
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Energy Measurement. Verification

Related to Energy Measurement

  • Temperature Measurement Temperature will be measured by the nearest automatic Melbourne Bureau of Meteorology Monitoring Station for example (but not limited to): Melbourne, Moorabbin, Dunns Hill, Melbourne Airport, Frankston, and Point Xxxxxx. At the commencement of each project, the onsite management and employee representatives shall agree which is to be the applicable automatic weather monitoring station.

  • Mileage Measurement Where required, the mileage measurement for LIS rate elements is determined in the same manner as the mileage measurement for V&H methodology as outlined in NECA Tariff No. 4.

  • Usage Measurement Usage measurement for calls shall begin when answer supervision or equivalent Signaling System 7 (SS7) message is received from the terminating office and shall end at the time of call disconnect by the calling or called subscriber, whichever occurs first.

  • Measurement Should the State terminate this contract as herein provided, no fees other than fees due and payable at the time of termination shall thereafter be paid to the Engineer. In determining the value of the work performed by the Engineer prior to termination, the State shall be the sole judge. Compensation for work at termination will be based on a percentage of the work completed at that time. Should the State terminate this contract under paragraph (4) or (5) above, the Engineer shall not incur costs during the thirty-day notice period in excess of the amount incurred during the preceding thirty days.

  • Methods of Measurement The methods used to identify the educational strengths and needs of students are set forth in the approved Application.

  • Revenue Metering The Connecting Transmission Owner’s revenue metering will be located on the generator side of the 115kV breaker at the Xxxxx Solar Collector Substation and will consist of: • three (3) combination current/voltage transformer (“CT/VT”) units (manufacturer and model ABB/Xxxxxxx KXM-550, GE Grid Solutions KOTEF 000.XX, or other equivalent specified by Connecting Transmission Owner); and • one (1) revenue meter. The ratios of the CTs and VTs will be provided by Connecting Transmission Owner upon its review of the Interconnection Customer’s design documents. (Note: Connecting Transmission Owner’s revenue metering CTs and VTs cannot be used to feed the Interconnection Customer’s check meter.) SERVICE AGREEMENT NO. 2556

  • Benchmarks for Measuring Accessibility For the purposes of this Agreement, the accessibility of online content and functionality will be measured according to the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA and the Web Accessibility Initiative Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite (WAI-ARIA) 1.0 for web content, which are incorporated by reference. Adherence to these accessible technology standards is one way to ensure compliance with the College’s underlying legal obligations to ensure that people with disabilities are able to acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same benefits and services within the same timeframe as their nondisabled peers, with substantially equivalent ease of use; that they are not excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise subjected to discrimination in any College programs, services, and activities delivered online, as required by Section 504 and the ADA and their implementing regulations; and that they receive effective communication of the College’s programs, services, and activities delivered online.

  • Units of Measurement In all correspondence, in all technical schedules, on all drawings and for all instrument scales, SI units of measurement are to be employed. On drawings where IEC or other units have been used it will be in order if the equivalent SI measurement is suitably marked in addition.

  • Performance Measurement Satisfactory performance of this Contract will be measured by:

  • Sector Sub-Sector Industry Classification Level of Government Type of Obligation Description of Measure Source of Measure All sectors : : - : Central : National Treatment Senior Management and Board of Directors : National Treatment and the Senior Management and Board of Directors obligations shall not apply to any measure relating to small and medium sized domestic market enterprise2. Foreign equity is restricted to a maximum of 40% for domestic market enterprises with paid-in equity capital of less than the equivalent of USD 200,000 Note: Members of the Board of Directors or governing body of corporation or associations shall be allowed in proportion to their allowable participation or share in the capital of such enterprises. : -1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. - Foreign Investments Act of 1991 (R.A. No. 7042, as amended by R.A. No. 8179). -Presidential and Administrative Issuances. ∞ 2 The concept of a small and medium sized domestic market enterprise is an enterprise with paid in equity capital of less than the equivalent of USD 200,000.00.

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