Effect of Addenda, Bulletins, and Change Orders Sample Clauses

Effect of Addenda, Bulletins, and Change Orders. No special implication, interpretation, construction, connotation, denotation, import, or meaning shall be assigned to any provision of the Contract Documents because of changes created by the issuance of any (1) Addendum, (2) Bulletin, or (3) Change Order other than the precise meaning that the Contract Documents would have had if the provision thus created had read originally as it reads subsequent to the (1) Addendum, (2) Bulletin, or (3) Change Order by which it was created.
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  • Effect of GMP Change Order The Preconstruction Phase cannot extend beyond the execution of the GMP Change Order. By definition, all services provided after the execution of the GMP Change Order are Construction Phase Services and are included in the GMP.

  • Notification of Modifications of Licensed Materials From time to time Publisher may add, change, or modify portions of the Licensed Materials, or migrate the Licensed Materials to other formats. When such changes, modifications, or migrations occur, the Licensor shall give notice of any such changes to Licensee as soon as is practicable, but in no event less than sixty (60) days in advance of modification. Such a notice may also be given directly by the Publisher to the Licensee. If any of the changes, modifications, or migrations renders the Licensed Materials substantially less useful to the Licensee, the Participating Institutions or their Authorized Users, the Licensee may seek to terminate this Agreement for breach pursuant to the termination provisions of this Agreement in Section XI, below.

  • Execution of Change Orders Change Orders shall be signed by the Contractor, ordinarily certified by the Design Professional, and approved by the Owner in accordance with the form of Change Order prescribed by the Owner. No request for payment by the Contractor for a Change Order shall be due, nor shall any such request appear on an Application for Payment, until the Change Order is executed by the Owner. In the event of emergency (see Article 1.4.4) or significant impact to the Overall Project Schedule, the Owner shall direct the Change Order to proceed upon a Force Account until the cost and time is resolved in the manner set forth in Paragraph below.

  • Amendments, Changes and Modifications Except as to the termination rights of both Parties as indicated in the Facilities Lease, this Site Lease may not be amended, changed, modified, altered or terminated without the written agreement of both Parties hereto.

  • Effect of Non-Agreement on Guidelines Applications The parties understand, acknowledge and agree that there are no agreements between the parties with respect to any Sentencing Guidelines issues other than those specifically listed in Paragraph 10, and its subsections. As to any other Guidelines issues, the parties are free to advocate their respective positions at the sentencing hearing.

  • CHANGE ORDERS AND AMENDMENTS A. Any alterations, additions, or deletions to the terms of this Agreement, which are required by changes in federal or state law or by regulations, are automatically incorporated without written amendment hereto, and shall become effective on the date designated by such law or by regulation.

  • Modification of Licensed Materials The Participating Institutions or the Authorized Users shall not modify or manipulate the Licensed Materials without the prior written permission of the Licensor.

  • CONTRACTOR’S SUBMISSION OF CONTRACT MODIFICATIONS In connection with any Contract modification, OGS reserves the right to:  request additional information  reject Contract modifications  remove Products from Contract modification requests  request additional discounts for new or existing Products

  • Amendments - Changes/Extra Work The Subrecipient shall make no changes to this Contract without the County’s written consent. In the event that there are new or unforeseen requirements, the County has the discretion with the Subrecipient’s concurrence, to make changes at any time without changing the scope or price of the Contract.‌ If County-initiated changes or changes in laws or government regulations affect price, the Subrecipient’s ability to deliver services, or the project schedule, the Subrecipient will give County written notice no later ten (10) days from the date the law or regulation went into effect or the date the change was proposed and Subrecipient was notified of the change. Such changes shall be agreed to in writing and incorporated into a Contract amendment. Said amendment shall be issued by the County-assigned Contract Administrator, shall require the mutual consent of all Parties, and may be subject to approval by the County Board of Supervisors. Nothing herein shall prohibit the Subrecipient from proceeding with the work as originally set forth or as previously amended in this Contract.

  • Implementation Specifications 1. The accounting shall contain the date, nature, and purpose of such disclosures, and the name and address of the person or agency to whom the disclosure is made.

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