Distributions Under the Plan Sample Clauses

Distributions Under the Plan. Each of the New Term Lenders shall have received the following: (i) cash in the amount of any accrued and unpaid interest, fees and expenses (including, without limitation, letter of credit fees, cash management fees, overdraft payments and all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses and counsel and other advisory fees and expenses; (ii) its pro rata share of 250,000 Shares of New Common Stock; (iii) its pro rata share of 271,429 New Series C Warrants; and (iv) the consideration due to each such New Term Lender pursuant to Section 4.2(b)(iv) of the Plan of Reorganization that is conditioned on whether the Newco Offering Minimum (as defined therein) has been satisfied (to be provided).
Distributions Under the Plan. As soon as practicable after the Effective Date, Reorganized Xxxxxxxxx shall make, or shall make adequate reserve for, the Distributions required to be made under the Plan. Cash necessary to make the Distributions required under the Plan, shall be made from the Debtors' Cash, if any, the Exit Facility, or any other source. All Distributions reserved pursuant to the Plan shall be held by the Debtors or Reorganized Xxxxxxxxx in trust for the benefit of the holders of Claims entitled to receive such Distributions.
Distributions Under the Plan 

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  • Distributions to Members Section 9.1

  • Hardship Distributions (a) For purposes of this Section 7.3, a "

  • Distributions; Upstream Payments Declare or make any Distributions, except Permitted Distributions when no Event of Default exists, or create or suffer to exist any encumbrance or restriction on the ability of a Subsidiary to make any Distribution to Borrower, except for restrictions under the Loan Documents, under Applicable Law or in effect on the Closing Date as shown on Schedule 8.1.14.

  • Distributions Upon Income Inclusion Under Section 409A of the Code Upon the inclusion of any portion of the benefits payable pursuant to this Agreement into the Executive’s income as a result of the failure of this non-qualified deferred compensation plan to comply with the requirements of Section 409A of the Code, to the extent such tax liability can be covered by the Executive’s vested accrued liability, a distribution shall be made as soon as is administratively practicable following the discovery of the plan failure.

  • DISTRIBUTIONS AND REPURCHASES No distribution, payment or dividend of any kind has been declared or paid by Company on any of its capital stock since the Balance Sheet Date. No repurchase of any of Company's capital stock has been approved, effected or is pending, or is contemplated by Company.

  • Distributions Upon Taxation of Amounts Deferred If, pursuant to Code Section 409A, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act or other state, local or foreign tax, the Executive becomes subject to tax on the amounts deferred hereunder, then the Bank may make a limited distribution to the Executive in a manner that conforms to the requirements of Code section 409A. Any such distribution will decrease the Executive’s benefits distributable under this Agreement.

  • No Prohibition on Subsidiaries from Paying Dividends or Making Other Distributions No subsidiary of the Company is currently prohibited, directly or indirectly, from paying any dividends to the Company, from making any other distribution on such subsidiary's capital stock, from repaying to the Company any loans or advances to such subsidiary from the Company or from transferring any of such subsidiary's property or assets to the Company or any other subsidiary of the Company, except as described in or contemplated by the Prospectus.

  • Plan Terminations Under Section 409A Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in Section 7.2, if this Agreement terminates in the following circumstances:

  • When Can I Make Contributions You may make annual contributions to your Xxxx XXX any time up to and including the due date for filing your tax return for the year, not including extensions. Unlike a Traditional XXX, you may continue to make regular contributions to your Xxxx XXX even after you attain age 70½. In addition, rollover contributions and transfers (to the extent permitted as discussed below) may be made at any time, regardless of your age.

  • Distributions Other Than Cash Whenever the Depositary shall receive any distribution other than cash on the deposited Preferred Stock, the Depositary shall, subject to Section 3.02, distribute to record holders of Receipts on the record date fixed pursuant to Section 4.04 such amounts of the securities or property received by it as are, as nearly as practicable, in proportion to the respective numbers of Depositary Shares evidenced by the Receipts held by such holders, in any manner that the Depositary and the Company may deem equitable and practicable for accomplishing such distribution. The Depositary shall not make any distribution of securities to the holders of Receipts unless the Company shall have provided to the Depositary an opinion of counsel stating that such securities have been registered under the Securities Act or do not need to be registered.