DEPTH Sample Clauses

DEPTH. Subject to the right of the Partnership to direct the stoppage of work at any time (as provided in paragraph 7), the Partnership Wellx xxxll be drilled to the depth as specified in Exhibit "1" or to the depth at which the production casing (oil string) is set, whichever depth is first reached, which depth is hereinafter referred to as the "Contract Depth."
DEPTH. All of the xxxxx to be drilled under this Agreement (c) shall be:
DEPTH. Spacer lengths under hydrant body shall be fitted to permit top of false- spindle being 75 mm minimum to 225mm maximum below finished surface of footpath.
DEPTH. Contractor confirms that the Drilling Unit shall be capable of drilling xxxxx upto a maximum depth of Meters.
DEPTH. Subject to provisions hereof, the xxxxx shall be drilled to the depth specified below: Turnkey Depth: The well shall be drilled up to 2000 feet or ____________ of the _________________ formation, or the depth at which the _____________ inch casing or liner set, whichever is the lesser depth, which will herein be referred to as the Turnkey Depth.
DEPTH. Each of the xxxxx shall be drilled vertically to a depth sufficient to test the base of the Shublik or its stratigraphic equivalent.
DEPTH. (i) Excavation shall NOT be deeper than two (2) metres below the natural ground level of the Allotment at that location except for swimming pools, xxxxx, bores or as may be deemed by the Seller as a special need.
DEPTH. The underground Pipeline Facilities shall be buried to a depth as required by the regulations promulgated by the Maine Public Utilities Commission.
DEPTH. The top of the pipeline shall be a minimum of forty-eight (48) inches from the surface (after construction and settlement) or such minimum depth as may be required by any applicable regulation, whichever is greater.
DEPTH. The underground fiber optic cable system shall be at a depth not less than three (3) feet below the surface of the street.