Creditor Sample Clauses

Creditor. Each of Comerica, Xxxxx Fargo, Fifth Third, BMO, Flagstar, the Credit Suisse Warehouse Collateral Agent, the 2018-2 Trustee, the 2018-1 Trustee, the 2017-3 Trustee, the 2017-2 Trustee, the 2017-1 Trustee, the 2016-3 Trustee, the 2016-2 Trustee, the 2016-1 Collateral Agent and the 2015-2 Trustee.
Creditor. Each of Comerica, Xxxxx Fargo, Fifth Third, BMO, Flagstar, Citizens, the 2023-2 Trustee, the 2023-1 Trustee, the 2022-3 Trustee, the 2022-2 Collateral Agent, the 2022-1 Trustee, the 2021-4 Trustee, the 2021-3 Trustee, the 2021-2 Trustee, the 2021-1 Collateral Agent, the 2020-3 Trustee, the 2020-2 Trustee and the 2019-2
Creditor. Each of Comerica, Xxxxx Fargo, Fifth Third, BMO, the 2014-2 Trustee, the 2014-1 Trustee, the 2013-2 Trustee, the 2013-1 Trustee, the 2012-2 Trustee and the 2012-1 Trustee.
Creditor. Each of Comerica, Wachovia, the 2006-1 Trustee, the 2006-2 Trustee and the 2007-1 Trustee.
Creditor. None of the provisions of this Agreement shall be for the benefit of or enforceable by any creditor of (i) any Member or (ii) the Company, other than a Member who is also a creditor of the Company.
Creditor without notice to or consent of Guarantor, may assign this Guaranty in whole or in part and may disclose to any assignee any information or other data or material in Creditor's possession relating to Guarantor. This Guaranty shall inure to the benefit of and may be relied upon and enforced by Creditor's successors and assigns and shall be binding upon Guarantor and the legal representatives and assigns of Guarantor, except that Guarantor may not assign its liabilities under this Guaranty without the prior written consent of Creditor, which consent Creditor, in its sole discretion may withhold.
Creditor. Each of Comerica, Wxxxx Fargo, Fifth Third, BMO, the 2011-1 Trustee, the 2010-1 Trustee and the 2009-1 Trustee.
Creditor. The Creditor (also referred to as “We” and “Us”), CNAC - DPAC Acceptance, is a lender of money for which a payment was arranged with you through a credit transaction and includes any successor to the rights, title, interest, or liens of the Creditor.
Creditor. Creditor" means: