Fifth Third definition

Fifth Third means Fifth Third Bank.
Fifth Third means Fifth Third Bank, an Ohio banking corporation, in its individual capacity and any successor thereof.

Examples of Fifth Third in a sentence

  • He maintained that he also did not have notice of the foreclosure scheduled for December 12, 2012.Nitsos alleged several claims against Fifth Third.

  • In that same month, First Financial transferred the note to the order of Fifth Third Mortgage-MI and assigned the mortgage securing the note to Fifth Third Mortgage-MI.

  • ANALYSISIn the early stages of the litigation, Nitsos requested an order tolling the period of redemption from expiring and enjoining Fifth Third from “acting as if the redemption period has expired .

  • In the letter, it further warned that the failure to provide the documentation “may result in the ineligibility for a foreclosure prevention alternative and any current foreclosure proceedings will continue.”In October 2012, Fifth Third Mortgage Company notified Nitsos and his former wife through its counsel, Trott & Trott, P.C., that it was commencing foreclosure on the property.

  • Additionally, the Authority utilizes the Fifth Third Bank checking account as an investment tool, unlimited investing may be done to this account.As of June 30, 2016, the Authority had the following issuer concentration based on fair value: Issuer Fair Value Percentage of Portfolio Florida PRIME - SBA$ 1,006,45432.18%Florida Class1,605,29451.32%Fifth Third Bank 516,232 16.50% $ 3,127,980100.00%2.

More Definitions of Fifth Third

Fifth Third has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Fifth Third means Fifth Third Bank, an Ohio banking corporation.
Fifth Third. Fifth Third Mortgage Corporation, or any successor in interest.
Fifth Third is defined in the preamble.
Fifth Third. Fifth Third Mortgage Company, or any successor in interest.
Fifth Third means Fifth Third Bancorp, an Ohio corporation, its subsidiaries and any successor thereto.