Considering the Sample Clauses

Considering the need to improve the Script approved by the Producer during the Film production, the Author undertakes to improve the Script at the Producer’s request, if necessary, during the filming and editing and tinting period of the Film production (without additional compensation).
Considering the. Activity Notice and deciding whether a Survey is required

Related to Considering the

  • CONSIDERING That at the Santa Xxxx Summit of the Americas meeting of Heads of State in 1996, the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (hereinafter “IABIN”) was created with the objective of providing a networking information infrastructure (such as standards and protocols) and biodiversity information content required by the countries of the Americas to improve decision-making, particularly for issues at the interface of human development and biodiversity conservation; That through IABIN, access will be made available to scientific information currently scattered throughout the world in different institutions, such as government organizations, museums, botanical gardens, universities, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); That in order to fund the building of IABIN, GS/OAS and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (hereinafter the Bank) acting as an Implementing Agency of the Global Environment Facility (hereinafter the GEF) Trust Fund, approved the GEF Trust Fund Grant Agreement effective on October 4, 2004, as amended on February 10, 2006, June 26 2006, and December 19 2008 with GS/OAS (Annex 1 hereto) in an amount equal to US$6,000,000 (”Master Agreement”); That Article III of the Master Agreement provides that GS/OAS shall enter into sub-project agreements with “Eligible Institutions” to carry out certain project tasks and functions , and the Institution has been designated an “Eligible Institution” under the terms of that Agreement; and That GS/OAS is the central and permanent organ of the Organization of American States and is authorized to carry out relations of cooperation in accordance with Article 112(h) of the Charter and OAS General Assembly Resolution AG/RES. 57 (I- O/71); HAVE AGREED to sign this Project Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”), based on the following provisions: ARTICLE I OBJECTIVE

  • Interview Period It is agreed that upon commencement of employment new employees will be advised by a representative of the Hospital of the existence of the Union and the conditions surrounding their employment as contained in the herein collective agreement and any rules that may be formulated under its terms. It is also agreed that a representative of the union will be given an opportunity to interview each employee once within the completing month of his/her probationary period for the purpose of ascertaining the wishes of the employee concerning membership in the Union. Such interview may take place on the day of orientation. The Hospital will notify the Union monthly of the names of those employees who are completing their probationary period and on request will arrange a time and place for such interview that time of which shall not exceed 15 minutes. Neither employee shall suffer loss of regular pay as a result of such interview.

  • OBJECTS 1.01 The objects of this Agreement are to maintain a harmonious relationship between the Company and its employees, to provide an amicable and equitable method of settling grievances or differences which might possibly arise; to maintain mutually satisfactory working conditions, hours and wages for all employees who are subject to the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Consideration Period You have 21 days from the date this Separation Agreement is given to you to consider this Separation Agreement before signing it. You may use as much or as little of this 21-day period as you wish before signing. If you do not sign and return this Separation Agreement within this 21-day period, you will not be eligible to receive the benefits described in this Separation Agreement.

  • Scheduling i) The designated employer will provide the employee with their schedule of shifts in accordance with the collective agreement for both homes. [Insert the split/sharing of shift numbers here] Similarly, the employee will submit all requests for time off including vacation to the designated employer in accordance with the collective agreement.

  • Responding to telephonic and in-person inquiries from existing shareholders or their representatives requesting information regarding matters such as shareholder account or transaction status, net asset value ("NAV") of Series shares, and Series performance, Series services, plans and options, Series investment policies, Series portfolio holdings, and Series distributions and classification thereof for tax purposes;

  • Review The practitioner reviews the treatment plan and discusses, when appropriate, case circumstances and management options with the attending (or referring) physician. The reviewer consults with the requesting physician when more clarity is needed to make an informed coverage decision. The reviewer may consult with board certified physicians from appropriate specialty areas to assist in making determinations of coverage and/or appropriateness. All such consultations will be documented in the review text. If the reviewer determines that the admission, continued stay or service requested is not a covered service, a notice of non-coverage is issued. Only a physician, behavioral health practitioner (such as a psychiatrist, doctoral-level clinical psychologist, certified addiction medicine specialist), dentist or pharmacist who has the clinical expertise appropriate to the request under review with an unrestricted license may deny coverage based on medical necessity.

  • Evaluation Period (a) For a period ending at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on March 31, 2014 (as may be extended as provided in 5.1(b) below, the “Evaluation Period”), Purchaser and its authorized agents and representatives (for purposes of this Article V, the “Licensee Parties”) shall have the right, subject to the right of any Tenants, to enter upon the Real Property and Improvements at all reasonable times during normal business hours to perform an inspection, including but not limited to a Phase I environmental assessment of the Property. At least 24 hours prior to such intended entry, Purchaser will provide e-mail notice to Seller, at the e-mail addresses set forth in Article XIV below, of the intention of Purchaser or the other Licensee Parties to enter the Real Property and Improvements, and such notice shall specify the intended purpose therefor and the inspections and examinations contemplated to be made and with whom any Licensee Party will communicate. At Seller’s option, Seller may be present for any such entry and inspection. Purchaser shall not communicate with or contact any of the Tenants without notifying Seller and giving Seller the opportunity to have a representative present. Purchaser shall not communicate with or contact any of the Authorities; provided, however, that Purchaser may communicate with the township in which the Real Property is located for the sole purpose of (i) confirming whether there are any existing municipal zoning or building code violations filed against the Property, (ii) without identifying the Property, to discuss real estate tax issues affecting the township generally, and (iii) to obtain copies of previously issued certificates of occupancy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Purchaser shall not take any action that would cause a municipal inspection to be made of the Property. During the Evaluation Period, Seller shall instruct its tax appeal counsel to answer any questions that Purchaser may have regarding the real estate taxes and the real estate tax appeals with respect to the Property. No physical testing or sampling shall be conducted during any entry by Purchaser or any Licensee Party upon the Real Property without Seller’s specific prior written consent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE with respect to the provisions of this Section 5.1.

  • Independent Status The employees, volunteers, or agents of each party who are engaged in the performance of this Agreement will continue to be employees, volunteers, or agents of that party and will not for any purpose be employees, volunteers, or agents of the other party.

  • Review Period The Asset Representations Reviewer will complete the Review of all of the Review Receivables within 60 days after receiving access to the Review Materials under Section 3.3(a). However, if missing or additional Review Materials are provided to the Asset Representations Reviewer under Section 3.3(b), the Review period will be extended for an additional 30 days.