Communications and Media Sample Clauses

Communications and Media. The Operator will work with the Councils to design and implement a coordinated media and communications campaign aimed at ensuring information is clearly communicated to the community about the scheme. The Operator and the Councils will meet on a regular basis agreed by both parties to identify and remedy any issues that arise for either party. In the event of a serious incident, The Operator will notify the relevant Council as soon as they become aware.
Communications and Media. 18.1 CEWO and DEW will work together to publicly communicate the implementation of watering actions, in collaboration with relevant third parties, in line with the CEWH and DEW Joint Communications Protocol (Schedule 4).
Communications and Media. 8.1. The SCA and EPA will consult the other party when issuing public statements about issues relating to activities or incidents potentially impacting on water quality in the catchments.

Related to Communications and Media

  • Communications and Computer Lines Tenant may install, maintain, replace, remove or use any communications or computer wires and cables (collectively, the "Lines") at the Project in or serving the Premises, provided that (i) Tenant shall obtain Landlord's prior written consent, use an experienced and qualified contractor reasonably approved by Landlord, and comply with all of the other provisions of Articles 7 and 8 of this Lease, (ii) an acceptable number of spare Lines and space for additional Lines shall be maintained for existing and future occupants of the Project, as determined in Landlord's reasonable opinion, (iii) the Lines therefor (including riser cables) shall be (x) appropriately insulated to prevent excessive electromagnetic fields or radiation, (y) surrounded by a protective conduit reasonably acceptable to Landlord, and (z) identified in accordance with the "Identification Requirements," as that term is set forth hereinbelow, (iv) any new or existing Lines servicing the Premises shall comply with all applicable governmental laws and regulations, (v) as a condition to permitting the installation of new Lines, Tenant shall remove existing Lines located in or serving the Premises and repair any damage in connection with such removal, and (vi) Tenant shall pay all costs in connection therewith. All Lines shall be clearly marked with adhesive plastic labels (or plastic tags attached to such Lines with wire) to show Tenant's name, suite number, telephone number and the name of the person to contact in the case of an emergency (A) every four feet (4') outside the Premises (specifically including, but not limited to, the electrical room risers and other Common Areas), and (B) at the Lines' termination point(s) (collectively, the "Identification Requirements"). Landlord reserves the right to require that Tenant remove any Lines located in or serving the Premises which are installed in violation of these provisions, or which are at any time (1) are in violation of any Applicable Laws, (2) are inconsistent with then-existing industry standards (such as the standards promulgated by the National Fire Protection Association (e.g., such organization's "2002 National Electrical Code")), or (3) otherwise represent a dangerous or potentially dangerous condition.

  • Communications and Notices All notices, requests and other communications made or given in connection with the Loan Documents shall be in writing and, unless receipt is stated herein to be required, shall be deemed to have been validly given if delivered personally to the individual or division or department to whose attention notices to a party are to be addressed, or by private carrier, or registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, or by telecopy with the original forwarded by first-class mail, in all cases, with charges prepaid, addressed as follows, until some other address (or individual or division or department for attention) shall have been designated by notice given by one party to the other: To Borrower: Consolidated Stainless, Inc. 0000 Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Orlando, FL 32803 Attention: Xxxxxx X. Xxxxx, President Telecopier No.: (000) 000-0000 with a copy to: Saul, Ewing, Xxxxxx & Xxxx LLP Centre Square West 0000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, 00xx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Xxxx X. Xxxxxx, Esquire Telecopier No.: (000) 000-0000 with a copy to: Greenberg, Traurig, Hoffman, Lipoff, Xxxxx & Quentel Citicorp Center 000 X. 00xx Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Esquire Telecopier No.: (000) 000-0000 To Bank: Mellon Bank, N.A. 0000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, 0xx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Vice President Telecopier No.: (000) 000-0000 with a copy to: Klehr, Harrison, Xxxxxx, Branzburg & Xxxxxx LLP 0000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, Esquire Telecopier No.: (000) 000-0000 with a copy to: Wolf, Block, Xxxxxx & Xxxxx-Xxxxx LLP 000 Xxxxx 00xx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Esquire Telecopier No.: (000)000-0000

  • General Communications The type of communications described and defined in Article 5.6 herein.

  • TELEPHONE COMMUNICATIONS Both parties may communicate by telephone, but it is agreed that no instructions that require action will be left on any messaging service since neither party can guarantee that they will be received or actioned. Telephone conversations may be recorded by Us for training or monitoring purposes.

  • Communications and Contacts All instructions, notices, consents, demands, or other communications required or contemplated by this Contract shall be in writing and shall be made by certified, first class mail, return receipt requested and postage prepaid, by overnight courier service with an asset tracking system, or by EMAIL or facsimile transmission with recipient confirmation. Any such communications, regardless of method of transmission, shall be addressed to the respective party at the appropriate mailing address, facsimile number, or EMAIL address as set forth below or to that of such other party or address, as may be hereafter specified by written notice. The State: Xxxxx Xxxxx Department of Finance and Administration Division of Health Care Finance and Administration Tennessee Insurance Exchange 000 Xxxx Xxxxx Avenue, Suite 2600 Nashville, TN 37243 Telephone: (000) 000-0000 FAX : (000) 000-0000 The Contractor: Xx. Xxx Xxxxxx, Principal Health Management Associates, Inc. 0 Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx, 0xx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, XX 00000 Telephone: 000-000-0000 Fax: 000-000-0000 All instructions, notices, consents, demands, or other communications shall be considered effectively given upon receipt or recipient confirmation as may be required.

  • Telephone Services All telegraph, telephone, and communication connections which Tenant may desire outside the Premises shall be subject to Landlord’s prior written approval, in Landlord’s sole discretion, and the location of all wires and the work in connection therewith shall be performed by contractors approved by Landlord and shall be subject to the direction of Landlord, except that such approval is not required as to Tenant’s cabling from the Premises in a route designated by Landlord to any telephone cabinet or panel provided for Tenant’s connection to the telephone cable serving the Building, so long as Tenant’s equipment does not require connections different than or additional to those to the telephone cabinet or panel provided. As to any such connections or work outside the Premises requiring Landlord’s approval, Landlord reserves the right to designate and control the entity or entities providing telephone or other communication cable installation, removal, repair and maintenance outside the Premises and to restrict and control access to telephone cabinets or panels. In the event Landlord designates a particular vendor or vendors to provide such cable installation, removal, repair and maintenance for the Building, Tenant agrees to abide by and participate in such program. Tenant shall be responsible for and shall pay all costs incurred in connection with the installation of telephone cables and communication wiring in the Premises, including any hook-up, access and maintenance fees related to the installation of such wires and cables in the Premises and the commencement of service therein, and the maintenance thereafter of such wire and cables; and there shall be included in Operating Expenses for the Building all installation, removal, hook-up or maintenance costs incurred by Landlord in connection with telephone cables and communication wiring serving the Building which are not allocable to any individual users of such service but are allocable to the Building generally. If Tenant fails to maintain all telephone cables and communication wiring in the Premises and such failure affects or interferes with the operation or maintenance of any other telephone cables or communication wiring serving the Building, Landlord or any vendor hired by Landlord may enter into and upon the Premises forthwith and perform such repairs, restorations or alterations as Landlord deems necessary in order to eliminate any such interference (and Landlord may recover from Tenant all of Landlord’s costs in connection therewith). No later than the Termination Date, Tenant agrees to remove all telephone cables and communication wiring installed by Tenant for and during Tenant’s occupancy, which Landlord shall request Tenant to remove. Tenant agrees that neither Landlord nor any of its agents or employees shall be liable to Tenant, or any of Tenant’s employees, agents, customers or invitees or anyone claiming through, by or under Tenant, for any damages, injuries, losses, expenses, claims or causes of action because of any interruption, diminution, delay or discontinuance at any time for any reason in the furnishing of any telephone or other communication service to the Premises and the Building.

  • COMMUNICATION SERVICES B. Courier Services (CPC 7512**) * Express delivery services13, i.e. services consisting of collection, sorting, transport and delivery, whether for domestic or foreign destination, of: (a) Written communication14, on any kind of physical medium, including: - Hybrid mail service; - Direct mail. Except for the handling of items of written communication the price of which is less than: - 10 times the tariff for the handling of a standard domestic letter in the first weight level for domestic shipments; - US$9 for international shipments; (1) None.16 (2) None. (3) None, except that foreign ownership in joint ventures may be limited to 51% within the first 5 years after entry into force of this Agreement. After 5 years from the date of entry into force of this Agreement, 100% foreign- invested enterprises shall be permitted. (4) Unbound, except as indicated in the horizontal section. (1) None. (2) None. (3) None. (4) Unbound, except as indicated in the horizontal section. Services and services suppliers of any other Party shall be accorded treatment no less favourable than the treatment accorded to the Vietnamese Post Office or its subsidiaries for its competitive activities.

  • Communications All charges for equipment or services used for communications between the Adviser or the Trust and any custodian, shareholder servicing agent, portfolio accounting services agent, or other agent engaged by the Trust.

  • Communication and Notices The Administrator designated in section 4 on page 1 of this agreement is authorized to receive information, interpret and define City's policies consistent with this agreement, and communicate with Consultant concerning this agreement. All correspondence and other communications shall be directed to or through the Administrator or the Administrator’s designee.

  • Information and communication The Parties shall support the development of modern methods of information handling, including the media, and stimulate the effective mutual exchange of information. Priority shall be given to programmes aimed at providing the general public with basic information about the Community and the Republic of Azerbaijan, including, where possible, access to databases, in full respect of intellectual property rights.