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Clerical work related injuries. 2. Vacation Donation Pilot Program Letter of Understanding Regarding Legislative Transfer of Position LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN AFSCME COUNCIL 14 AND HENNEPIN COUNTY Hennepin County and AFSCME Council 14 agree to the following related to the letter of November 2, 1995, to Xxxx During and Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx from Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx regarding the legislative transfer of positions:
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  • WORK-RELATED INJURIES Section 1. a. An employee who sustains a work-related injury, during the period of this Agreement, as the result of which the employee is disabled, if so determined by a decision issued under the operation of the Workers’ Compensation Program, shall be entitled to use accumulated sick, annual, or personal leave or injury leave without pay. While using accumulated leave, the employee will be paid a supplement to workers’ compensation of full pay reduced by an amount that yields a net pay, including workers’ compensation and social security disability benefits, that is equal to the employee's net pay immediately prior to the injury. Net pay prior to injury is defined as gross base pay minus federal, state, and local withholding, unemployment compensation tax and social security and retirement contributions. One full day of accumulated leave (7.5 or 8 hours as appropriate) will be charged for each day the supplement is paid. Accumulated leave and injury leave without pay may be used for an aggregate of nine (9) months (274 calendar days) or for the duration of the disability, whichever is the lesser, except that, if only accumulated leave is used, it may be used beyond nine (9) months (274 calendar days) until exhausted or until the disability ceases, whichever occurs sooner. In no case, however, will the aggregate of nine (9) months (274 calendar days) extend beyond three years from the date the injury occurred. If no leave is available under this Section, the provisions of Section 10 may apply. For temporary employees, accumulated leave and injury leave without pay shall be available for an aggregate of up to nine (9) months (274 calendar days), for the duration of the disability or for the scheduled duration of the temporary employment, whichever is the least. In no case, however, will the aggregate of nine (9) months (274 calendar days) extend beyond three years from the date the injury occurred. The employee election to use or not use accumulated leave under this Section cannot be changed more than once.

  • Work Related Injury A. An employee shall receive his/her regular day's pay for the date on which he/she was injured, when such injury occurred in the performance of his/her job and when there was no negligence on the part of the employee resulting in his/her injury.

  • Work-Related Injury or Illness In the event of an eligible employee’s absence from work being due to work related injury or work related illness, contributions at the normal rate will continue for the period of the absence provided that:

  • Compensable Work-Related Injury or Illness Leave An employee who sustains a work-related illness or injury that is compensable under the state workers’ compensation law may select time-loss compensation exclusively or leave payments in addition to time-loss compensation. Employees who take sick leave, vacation leave or compensatory time during a period in which they receive time-loss compensation will receive full sick leave, vacation leave or compensatory time pay in addition to any time-loss payments. Notwithstanding Section 18.1, of Article 18, Leave Without Pay, the Employer may separate an employee in accordance with Article 31, Reasonable Accommodation and Disability Separation.

  • Work-related Injury/Disability An employee who receives an Employer Contribution and who is off the State payroll due to a work-related injury or a work-related disability remains eligible for an Employer Contribution as long as such an employee receives workers' compensation payments. If such employee ceases to receive workers' compensation payments for the injury or disability and is granted a medical leave under Article 10, he/she shall be eligible for an Employer contribution during that leave.

  • Employees with a Work-related Injury/Disability An employee who was off the State payroll due to a work-related injury or a work-related disability may continue to participate in the Group Insurance Program as long as such an employee receives workers' compensation payments or while the workers' compensation claim is pending.

  • Procurement Related Complaints and Administrative Review 49.1 The procedures for making a Procurement-related Complaint are as specified in the TDS.

  • Consultant Responsibilities 12.1. Consultant must make prompt payment for any claims for labor, materials, or services furnished to Consultant by any person in connection with this Agreement as such claims become due. Consultant shall not permit any liens or claims to be filed or prosecuted against the City on account of any labor or material furnished to or on behalf of Consultant. If Consultant fails, neglects, or refuses to make prompt payment of any such claim, the City may, but shall not be obligated to, pay such claim to the person furnishing the labor, materials, or services and offset the amount of the payment against funds due or to become due to Consultant under this Agreement. The City may also recover any such amounts directly from Consultant.

  • Independent Contractor; No Partnership; No Agency; No Utility Services 15.1 Company and Developer shall be independent contractors. This Agreement shall not be interpreted or construed to create an association, joint venture, agency relationship, or partnership between the Parties or to impose any partnership obligation or partnership liability upon any Party. No Party shall have any right, power or authority to enter into any agreement or undertaking for, or act on behalf of, or to act as or be an agent or representative of, or to otherwise bind, the other Party. This Agreement is not an agreement to provide or take utility services of any kind, including, without limitation, interconnection or other electric transmission services.

  • Tenant Responsibilities (a) Tenant shall immediately notify the Project Manager of the damage and intent to xxxxx rent, when the damage is or becomes sufficiently severe that Tenant believes he/she is justified in abating rent. [966.4 (h)(1)]

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