Cashflow Sample Clauses

Cashflow. Borrower hereby acknowledges that Lender does not have any fiduciary relationship to Borrower, and the relationship between Lender, on the one hand, and Borrower, on the other hand, is solely that of creditor and debtor and no joint venture exists between Lender and Borrower.
Cashflow. The Investor being reasonably satisfied that, as at the date of satisfaction or waiver of the last of the conditions under paragraphs 3.2(a) to (e) above, or (where this condition is not satisfied as at such date) such other date as prescribed under the Investment Agreement, the New Swiber Group’s net cashflow for the two-month period following Initial Closing will be breakeven or positive.
Cashflow. Before the Achievement Date only, the Borrower will once per annum make a prepayment to be applied against the outstandings under this Agreement in accordance with Clause 7.3.1 below within 120 days of the expiry of each Accounting Reference Period (beginning with the Accounting Reference Period ended 31st December 1998) in the amount of 50% of the aggregate of the unconsolidated Cashflow, without allowing for any duplication, of each Obligor (determined in accordance with the respective applicable Approved Accounting Principles) for the Accounting Reference Period then ended, if a positive number.
Cashflow. The amounts to be paid by the Minister shall not exceed the following amounts in the Minister's fiscal years ending March 31: Year Amount 2010 $ 110,000 2011 $ 890,000
Cashflow. Subsection 11(o) of the Credit Agreement is hereby amended by (a) deleting the word “and” at the end of subsection 11(o)(ii), (b) replacing the period at the end of subsection 11(o)(iii) with “; and” and (c) inserting the following paragraph as a new subsection 11(o)(iv):
Cashflow. The Company must ensure that the ratio of Consolidated Cashflow to Consolidated Total Debt Service for each Measurement Period shall not be less than 1.00:1.
Cashflow. The ratio of Consolidated Cash Flow to Consolidated Debt Service for each Relevant Period (commencing with the Relevant Period ending on 31 March 2006) will not be less than 1.0 to 1.0.
Cashflow. 6.4.1 In respect of First Closing, by 9.00 am (London time) on 8 July 2005, VIA Inc shall notify the Purchaser of the aggregate amount of any Cashflow which has occurred between the Benchmark Date and the close of business on 30 June 2005.