Carelessness Sample Clauses

Carelessness. Tenants will be billed immediately for any charge which results from flushing articles down the toilet and the stoppage of drains.
Carelessness. Tenant shall not cause unnecessary labor by carelessness and indifference to the preservation of good order and cleanliness in its premises or the building.

Related to Carelessness

  • Behaviour The Occupant agrees not to cause, contribute to, or engage in unacceptable, unlawful or other behaviour in connection with the Room and the Facility including, without limitation, behaviour that may be described as misconduct under the Australian National University Discipline Rules 2018. xxxx:// By way of example and without limitation, the Occupant agrees not to:

  • Nonappropriation Agency’s obligation to pay any amounts and otherwise perform its duties under this Grant is conditioned upon Agency receiving funding, appropriations, limitations, allotments, or other expenditure authority sufficient to allow Agency, in the exercise of its reasonable administrative discretion, to meet its obligations under this Grant. Nothing in this Grant may be construed as permitting any violation of Article XI, Section 7 of the Oregon Constitution or any other law limiting the activities, liabilities or monetary obligations of Agency.

  • Dishonesty To indemnify Indemnitee if a judgment or other final adjudication adverse to Indemnitee established that Indemnitee committed acts of active and deliberate dishonesty, with actual dishonest purpose and intent, which acts were material to the cause of action so adjudicated.

  • Assault Any case of assault and/or battery upon a teacher by a student, parent or guardian or relative or friend of such student or outsider while a teacher is performing his duties shall be promptly reported to the Board or to its representative. The Board will provide legal counsel to advise the teacher of his/her rights and obligations with respect to such assault and shall render all reasonable assistance to the teacher in connection with the handling of the incident by law enforcement and judicial authorities; further, the Board shall not be obligated to provide legal assistance in the preparation of a civil suit.

  • Abuse You agree to immediately notify us if you suspect fraudulent or abusive activity. If you so notify us, or we otherwise suspect fraudulent or abusive activity, you agree to cooperate with us in any fraud investigation and to use any fraud prevention measures we prescribe. Your failure to cooperate or to use such measures will result in your liability for all fraudulent usage or abusive activity associated with your Equipment (as defined below).

  • Insubordination If a member has been advised that the investigation may result in criminal charges, the member's refusal to answer questions or to participate in the investigation shall not be considered insubordination or like offense. In all other circumstances, before a member may be charged with insubordination or like offense for refusing to answer questions or participate in an investigation, the member shall be advised that such conduct, if continued, may be made the basis for such a charge.

  • Alcohol The intoxicating agent in beverage alcohol, ethyl alcohol or other low molecular weight alcohols including methyl and isopropyl alcohol.

  • Misuse The Licensee shall use the licensed space under the agreement only for those services provided therein as permissible under CMRL (O&M) administration, except activities and banned items listed at Annexure-II of this agreement and shall not use the same for any other purposes. In case, the Licensee carries on any business or uses the said premises for any other purposes the license shall deemed to have been misused and CMRL (Licensor) shall immediately terminate the said agreement. All liabilities for misuse charges and misuse proceedings; if so initiated shall be that of the Licensee only. The Licensee shall indemnify and keep indemnified CMRL for any losses/ penalties on this account levied by any judicial/statutory authorities/courts.

  • Property Damage Lessee shall obtain and maintain insurance coverage on all of Lessee's personal property, Trade Fixtures, and Lessee Owned Alterations and Utility Installations. Such insurance shall be full replacement cost coverage with a deductible of not to exceed $1,000 per occurrence. The proceeds from any such insurance shall be used by Lessee for the replacement of personal property, Trade Fixtures and Lessee Owned Alterations and Utility Installations. Lessee shall provide Lessor with written evidence that such insurance is in force.

  • Violence in the Workplace (a) The parties agree that violence shall be defined as any incident in which an employee is abused, threatened or assaulted while performing his or her work. The parties agree it includes the application of force, threats with or without weapons and severe verbal abuse. The parties agree that such incidents will not be condoned. Any employee who believes he/she has been subjected to such incident shall report this to a supervisor who will make every reasonable effort to rectify the situation. For purposes of sub-article (a) only, employees as referred to herein shall mean all employees of the Employer notwithstanding Article 2.12.