Cancel Sample Clauses

Cancel. If the Client wishes to cancel altogether, all cancellation policies and fee(s) apply.
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Cancel forgive, make any payment or prepayment on, or redeem or acquire for value (including by way of depositing with any trustee with respect thereto money or securities before due for the purpose of paying when due or at the maturity thereof) any Subordinated Indebtedness to the extent such payment would be prohibited by any subordination provisions applicable thereto.
Cancel. The termination of a Wellness Advisor’s business. Cancellation may be either voluntary, involuntary, or through non-renewal. COMPENSATION PLAN: The guidelines and referenced literature for describing how Wellness Advisors can generate commissions and bonuses. CUSTOMER: A Customer who purchases Magneceutical Health products and does not engage in building a business or retailing product.
Cancel. To cancel changes press the close window icon at the top right of the screen (the "x").
Cancel. Members may cancel their Membership at any time during a Season for any reason with 30 days’ notice by completing a form supplied by AHLP. Members who cancel their Membership will not receive any refunds for any installment payments made prior to the effective date of cancellation (being 30 days from the date of correct completion and submission of the web-form) and will have all membership benefits suspended as of the effective date of cancellation.
Cancel alter, fail to renew or pay premium, permit to lapse or in any manner affect or reduce the value of the present level of coverage of any life, disability, casualty, automobile, or health insurance policies insuring the parties’ property or persons, except as specifically agreed to in writing.
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Cancel. The termination of a Market Partner’s business. Cancellation may be either voluntary or involuntary through non-renewal or inactivity. COMMISSIONABLE PRODUCTS All MONAT Products on which commissions and bonuses are paid. Starter Kits and Sales Aids are not commissionable products. COMMISSIONABLE VOLUME This is the volume on which commissions are paid COMPANY The term “Company” as it is used throughout the Agreement refers to MONAT Global Canada. RETAIL CUSTOMER An individual who purchases MONAT products from a Market Partner but who is not a participant in the MONAT Compensation Plan. A Retail Customer may participate in the MONAT Flexship Program by registering as a VIP Customer at his or her Market Partner’s MONAT website.
Cancel terminate the work order/contract at any time during its currency without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
Cancel. 1. I hereby authorize Meritain Health, 000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, XX 00000, hereinafter called COMPANY, to initiate debit entries from my account indicated below and the depository name, hereinafter called DEPOSITORY, to debit the same account.
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