Camera Surveillance Sample Clauses

Camera Surveillance. 9.9.1 The primary function of the school bus camera surveillance system is focused on student safety and conduct. This includes both audio and video capabilities. It is not to be used to unnecessarily intrude in any individual employee’s privacy.
Camera Surveillance. The Corporation may use camera and/or video surveillance equipment in strategically located internal and external areas of the workplace to monitor movements. Cameras may operate continuously and surveillance may be ongoing.
Camera Surveillance. It is important for residents to be aware that most public areas are under 24- hour camera surveillance.
Camera Surveillance. The Consortium universities may operate camera surveillance systems on their premises. By signing this Student Agreement you acknowledge that your image and/or voice may be recorded at these premises for property security and safeguarding purposes.
Camera Surveillance. From the Commencement Date, on an ongoing basis, the Executive may be subject to camera surveillance through visible cameras whilst the Executive is on the Company's or HeartWare Australia's premises, to the extent permitted by applicable law.
Camera Surveillance. Camera surveillance is only installed in commonly shared spaces within the Center of Belonging as well as the front entrance. This is for the purpose of ensuring safety and security of all employees and visitors to our premises and facilities.

Related to Camera Surveillance

  • Video Surveillance All video surveillance will be directed by the YSU police department.

  • Surveillance The COR will receive and document all complaints from Government personnel regarding the services provided. If appropriate, the COR will send the complaints to the Contractor for corrective action.

  • Rating Surveillance Lender, at its option, may retain the Rating Agencies to provide rating surveillance services on any certificates issued in a Securitization. Such rating surveillance will be at the expense of Lender (the "RATING SURVEILLANCE CHARGE").

  • Cameras j) Portable music player, headphones.

  • Monitoring In each case in which the Foreign Custody Manager maintains Foreign Assets with an Eligible Foreign Custodian selected by the Foreign Custody Manager, the Foreign Custody Manager shall establish a system to monitor (i) the appropriateness of maintaining the Foreign Assets with such Eligible Foreign Custodian and (ii) the contract governing the custody arrangements established by the Foreign Custody Manager with the Eligible Foreign Custodian. In the event the Foreign Custody Manager determines that the custody arrangements with an Eligible Foreign Custodian it has selected are no longer appropriate, the Foreign Custody Manager shall notify the Board in accordance with Section 3.2.5 hereunder.

  • Contract Monitoring The criminal background checks required by this rule shall be national in scope, and must be conducted at least once every three (3) years. Contractor shall make the criminal background checks required by Paragraph IV.G.1 available for inspection and copying by DRS personnel upon request of DRS.

  • Telephone Monitoring You agree that Chase and its third-party service providers may listen to and record telephone calls as part of providing program services.

  • Infrastructure Infrastructure serves as the foundation and building blocks of an integrated IT solution. It is the hardware which supports Application Services (C.3.2) and IT Management Services (C.3.3); the software and services which enable that hardware to function; and the hardware, software, and services which allow for secure communication and interoperability between all business and application service components. Infrastructure services facilitate the development and maintenance of critical IT infrastructures required to support Federal government business operations. This section includes the technical framework components that make up integrated IT solutions. One or any combination of these components may be used to deliver IT solutions intended to perform a wide array of functions which allow agencies to deliver services to their customers (or users), whether internal or external, in an efficient and effective manner. Infrastructure includes hardware, software, licensing, technical support, and warranty services from third party sources, as well as technological refreshment and enhancements for that hardware and software. This section is aligned with the FEA/DoDEA Technical Reference Model (TRM) which describes these components using a vocabulary that is common throughout the entire Federal government. A detailed review of the TRM is provided in Section J, Attachment 5. Infrastructure includes complete life cycle support for all hardware, software, and services represented above, including planning, analysis, research and development, design, development, integration and testing, implementation, operations and maintenance, information assurance, and final disposition of these components. The services also include administration and help desk functions necessary to support the IT infrastructure (e.g., desktop support, network administration). Infrastructure components of an integrated IT solution can be categorized as follows:

  • Telephone Monitoring/Recording From time to time we may monitor and/or record telephone calls between you and us to assure the quality of our customer service or as required by applicable law.

  • Help Desk A help desk for Product support issues (the “Help Desk”) will be available to Customer. Unless specified in an Order, Customer should contact 000.000.0000 to receive a telephone number for the applicable supporting Solutions & Support Center. Customer will appoint one Product administrator and one backup administrator to serve as the primary point of contact regarding maintenance services.