Breach of Related Agreement Sample Clauses

Breach of Related Agreement. The Franchisee defaults under any term of the lease, sublease or lease assignment for the Franchised Location, any equipment lease or any other agreement material to the ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY Store or any other Franchise Agreement between the Franchisor and the Franchisee and such default is not cured within the time specified in such lease, sublease, other agreement or other Franchise Agreement. Provided, however, so long as financing from the United States Small Business Administration remains outstanding, the Franchisee will be given the same opportunity to cure defaults under any agreement between the Franchisor or its affiliates and the Franchisee, as the Franchisee is given under this Agreement Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the breach is curable, but is of a nature which cannot be reasonably cured within such 30-day period and the Franchisee has commenced and is continuing to make good faith efforts to cure the breach during such 30-day period, the Franchisee shall be given an additional reasonable period of time to cure the same, and this Agreement shall not automatically terminate without written notice from the Franchisor.

Related to Breach of Related Agreement

  • Material Breach of Contract In the event Consultant fails to deliver the product and services as contracted for herein, to the satisfaction of the City of Sparks or otherwise fails to perform any provisions of this Contract, the City, after providing five (5) days written notice and consultant’s failure to cure such breach, may without waiving any other remedy, make good the deficiencies and deduct the actual cost of providing alternative products and/or services from payment due the Consultant. Non-performance after the first notice of non-performance shall be considered a material breach of contract.

  • Breach of this Agreement If the Executive commits a breach, or threatens to commit a breach, of any of the provisions of Sections 7, 8 or 9 of this Agreement, then the Company shall have the right and remedy to have those provisions specifically enforced by any court having equity jurisdiction, it being acknowledged and agreed by the Executive that the rights and privileges of the Company granted in Sections 7, 8 and 9 are of a special, unique and extraordinary character and any such breach or threatened breach will cause great and irreparable injury to the Company and that money damages will not provide an adequate remedy to the Company.

  • Breach of Agreement Failure by the party to comply with or perform any agreement or obligation (other than an obligation to make any payment under this Agreement or delivery under Section 2(a)(i) or 2(e) or to give notice of a Termination Event or any agreement or obligation under Section 4(a)(i), 4(a)(iii) or 4(d)) to be complied with or performed by the party in accordance with this Agreement if such failure is not remedied on or before the thirtieth day after notice of such failure is given to the party;

  • Breach of Contract The failure of the Contractor to comply with any of the provisions, covenants or conditions of this Contract shall be a material breach of this Contract. In such event the County may, and in addition to any other remedies available at law, in equity, or otherwise specified in this Contract:

  • Breach of the Agreement The Beneficiary commits a material breach of its obligations under this Agreement;

  • Breach of Covenant The Borrower breaches any material covenant or other term or condition of this Note in any material respect and such breach, if subject to cure, continues for a period of seven (7) days after written notice to the Borrower from the Holder.

  • NO BREACH OF CONTRACT The Executive hereby represents to the Company that: (i) the execution and delivery of the Agreement by the Executive and the performance by the Executive of the Executive’s duties hereunder shall not constitute a breach of, or otherwise contravene, the terms of any other agreement or policy to which the Executive is a party or by which the Executive is otherwise bound, except that the Executive does not make any representation with respect to agreements required to be entered into by and between the Executive and any member of the Group pursuant to the applicable law of the jurisdiction in which the Executive is based, if any; (ii) that the Executive is not in possession of any information (including, without limitation, confidential information and trade secrets) the knowledge of which would prevent the Executive from freely entering into the Agreement and carrying out his/her duties hereunder; and (iii) that the Executive is not bound by any confidentiality, trade secret or similar agreement with any person or entity other than any member of the Group.

  • Breach of Representation Any representation or warranty made or deemed made by any Borrower or any Guarantor in this Agreement, any Other Document or any related agreement or in any certificate, document or financial or other statement furnished at any time in connection herewith or therewith shall prove to have been misleading in any material respect on the date when made or deemed to have been made;

  • Breach of Agreements Licensee fails to perform in accordance with any of the material terms and conditions contained herein in any material respect.

  • Breach of Representation or Warranty Any representation or warranty made or deemed made by Borrower to Lender herein or in any of the other Loan Documents or in any statement, certificate or financial statements at any time given by Borrower pursuant to any of the Loan Documents shall be false or misleading in any material respect on the date as of which made.