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State Boilerplate Affirmation Clause I swear or affirm under the penalties of perjury that I have not altered, modified, changed or deleted the State’s Boilerplate contract clauses (as contained in the 2016 OAG/ IDOA Professional Services Contract Manual) in any way except for the following clauses which are named below: __________________________________________ Non-Collusion and Acceptance The undersigned attests, subject to the penalties for perjury, that the undersigned is the Contractor, or that the undersigned is the properly authorized representative, agent, member or officer of the Contractor. Further, to the undersigned’s knowledge, neither the undersigned nor any other member, employee, representative, agent or officer of the Contractor, directly or indirectly, has entered into or been offered any sum of money or other consideration for the execution of this Contract other than that which appears upon the face hereof. Furthermore, if the undersigned has knowledge that a state officer, employee, or special state appointee, as those terms are defined in IC 4-2-6-1, has a financial interest in the Contract, the Contractor attests to compliance with the disclosure requirements in IC 4-2-6-10.5.
General Conditions Applicable to Insurance All policies of insurance required by this section shall comply with the following requirements:
Conditions precedent to Clause 5 Clause 5 shall take effect when the following conditions precedent have been satisfied in full:
Special Clauses The insurance policy shall include (i) a seventy-two (72) hour flood/storm/earthquake clause, (ii) unintentional errors and omissions clause, (iii) a 50/50 clause, (iv) a requirement that the insurer pay losses within thirty (30) Days after receipt of an acceptable proof or loss or partial proof of loss, (v) an other insurance clause making this insurance primary over any other insurance, (vi) a clause stating that the policy shall not be subject to cancellation by the insurer except for non-payment of premium and (vii) an extension clause allowing the policy period to be extended up to six (6) months with respect to physical loss or damage without modification to the terms and conditions of the policy and a pre-agreed upon premium.
Break Clause 2.5.1 This agreement creates a tenancy that starts with a fixed term and then becomes periodic. This would normally guarantee both parties the rights and obligations for the fixed term and a minimum of one period. The following two clauses allow either party to terminate the agreement earlier than that date, but not before the end of the fixed term (the date quoted in 1.6.1 as “to and including (date)”).
General Conditions; Definitions The General Conditions (as defined in the Appendix to this Agreement) constitute an integral part of this Agreement. Unless the context requires otherwise, the capitalized terms used in this Agreement have the meanings ascribed to them in the General Conditions or in the Appendix to this Agreement.
Representations Relating to Documents and Legal Compliance Borrower represents and warrants to Silicon as follows: All statements made and all unpaid balances appearing in all invoices, instruments and other documents evidencing the Receivables are and shall be true and correct and all such invoices, instruments and other documents and all of Borrower's books and records are and shall be genuine and in all respects what they purport to be, and all signatories and endorsers have the capacity to contract. All sales and other transactions underlying or giving rise to each Receivable shall fully comply with all applicable laws and governmental rules and regulations. All signatures and endorsements on all documents, instruments, and agreements relating to all Receivables are and shall be genuine, and all such documents, instruments and agreements are and shall be legally enforceable in accordance with their terms.
General Clauses 20.1 This Deed of Sale constitute the whole agreement between the Parties as to the subject matter hereof and no agreement, representation or warranty between the Parties other than those set out herein are binding on the Parties.
General Conditions (i) Each party will make each payment or delivery specified in each Confirmation to be made by it, subject to the other provisions of this Agreement.
Conditions Applicable to Insurance All policies of insurance required by this solicitation or any Contract resulting from this solicitation must meet the following requirements: