Bankers Sample Clauses

Bankers banks as defined in 12 CFR §204.121.
Bankers banks as defined in 12 C.F.R. §204.121.
Bankers. The Bankers to BMA Empress Cash Fund are MCB Bank Limited, Faysal Bank Limited and Allied Bank Limited. The Trustee may open new accounts or close existing accounts with one or more banks with the approval of the Board of Directors of the Management Company. The Trustee will operate the bank accounts on instructions of the Management Company.
Bankers. Bankers to the Scheme are _XXX Bank Limited and any other banks appointed by the Management Company. The Trustee shall maintain and operate the Bank Accounts of the Scheme at the said Bank(s).
Bankers. The Company shall have the right to select the investment ------- banker(s) and manager(s), if any, to administer the offering.
Bankers. The bankers of the Company shall be such bank, banks or other financial institutions as may be agreed upon from time to time by the Board.
Bankers. The Governing Body may open account/accounts with any Bank or Banks in the name of the Society and the same shall be operated jointly by two or more of the office bearers or members one of whom will be the Treasurer.
Bankers. The municipality's bankers did not change during the year.
Bankers. The bank of the partnership shal l be The Bank of Nova Scotia, Main Branch, Regina, Saskatchewan or such bank or banks as the partners shall from time to time agree upon. All cheques, drafts and other instruments and documents on behalf of the partnership shall be signed by, and only by, both of the partners or by such persons as are from time to time desi gnated in writing by both of the partners. All partnership money shall as and when received be paid and deposited with the bankers of the Partnership to the credit of the partnership account.