AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. 3.1 The Representative is an Independent Contractor in business on their own account and not an employee, agent, joint-venturer or partner of Silk.
AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. PROVIDER AGREES TO DISCHARGE ALL OF ITS TAX AND OTHER LIABILITIES IN AN INDEPENDENT MANNER AND HOLD NHA HARMLESS THEREFROM. Dental Provider Agreement Page Three PROVIDER: NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE ASSOCIATION BY: BY: BY: Howard H. Carey, Ph.D., NHA President & CEO BY: DATE: DATE: This agreement was executed in San Diego, California on the date first above written. Dental Provider Agreement Exhibit “A” Page Four EXHIBIT “A” ASSURANCES The Provider hereby assures and certifies that Provider will comply with the regulations, policies, guidelines and requirements, including OMB Circulars No. A-95, A-102 and FMC 74-4, as they relate to the application, acceptance and use of federal funds for this federally assisted project. Also the Provider assures and certifies to NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE ASSOCIATION that:
AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. The Contractor is an independent contractor and is not an agent or employee of the Company. The Contractor will be responsible for determining the manner and means of fulfilling the contract and for all legal requirements applicable to independent contractors. The Contractor will maintain his or her own business operation. Neither the Contractor nor the Company intends to establish an employer-employee relationship and both parties agree that the Contractor is not an employee for state or federal tax purposes.
AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. Maidstone shall perform its services hereunder as an independent contractor and not as an employee of the Company or an affiliate thereof. It is expressly understood and agreed to by the parties hereto that Maidstone shall have no authority to act for, represent or bind the Company or any affiliate thereof in any manner, except as may be agreed to expressly by the Company in writing from time to time.


Capacity/Independent Contractor 15. In providing the Services under this Agreement it is expressly agreed that the Contractor is acting as an independent contractor and not as an employee. The Contractor and the Client acknowledge that this Agreement does not create a partnership or joint venture between them, and is exclusively a contract for service. Notice
Independent Contractor In the performance of its services hereunder, the Subadviser is and shall be an independent contractor and unless otherwise expressly provided herein or otherwise authorized in writing, shall have no authority to act for or represent the Fund, the Trust or the Adviser in any way or otherwise be deemed an agent of the Fund, the Trust or the Adviser.
Independent Contractor Status The Sub-Adviser shall for all purposes hereof be deemed to be an independent contractor and shall, unless otherwise provided or authorized, have no authority to act for or represent the Trust or the Advisers in any way or otherwise be deemed an agent of the Fund or the Advisers.
Employees; Independent Contractors (a) Schedule 4.15(a) sets forth the names and titles of all employees of Westlake who perform services in or on behalf of the Center, and the annual rate of compensation (including bonuses) being paid to each such employee as of the most recent practicable date. The employees listed on Schedule 4.15(a), constitute all of the employees who are in any way necessary to the continued operation of the Center as it is now being conducted.
Independent Contractor Relationship Consultant and the Company are independent contractors and nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed to place them in the relationship of partners, principal and agent, employer/employee or joint ventures. Neither party shall have the power or right to bind or obligate the other party, nor shall it hold itself out as having such authority.
Independent Contractors It is expressly agreed that the Parties shall be independent contractors and that the relationship between the Parties shall not constitute a partnership, joint venture or agency. Neither Party shall have the authority to make any statements, representations or commitments of any kind, or to take any action, which shall be binding on the other Party, without the prior consent of such other Party.
Status as Independent Contractor Consultant's engagement pursuant to this Agreement shall be as independent contractor, and not as an employee, officer or other agent of the Company. Neither party to this Agreement shall represent or hold itself out to be the employer or employee of the other. Consultant further acknowledges the consideration provided hereinabove is a gross amount of consideration and that the Company will not withhold from such consideration any amounts as to income taxes, social security payments or any other payroll taxes. All such income taxes and other such payment shall be made or provided for by Consultant and the Company shall have no responsibility or duties regarding such matters. Neither the Company nor the Consultant possesses the authority to bind each other in any agreements without the express written consent of the entity to be bound.
Distributor Independent Contractor The Distributor shall be an independent contractor and neither the Distributor nor any of its officers or employees as such is or shall be an employee of the Trust. The Distributor is responsible for its own conduct and the employment, control and conduct of its agents and employees and for injury to such agents or employees or to others through its agents or employees. The Distributor assumes full responsibility for its agents and employees under applicable statutes and agrees to pay all employer taxes thereunder.
Employees and Independent Contractors Party agrees that it shall comply with the laws of the State of Vermont with respect to the appropriate classification of its workers and service providers as “employees” and “independent contractors” for all purposes, to include for purposes related to unemployment compensation insurance and workers compensation coverage, and proper payment and reporting of wages. Party agrees to ensure that all of its subcontractors or sub-grantees also remain in legal compliance as to the appropriate classification of “workers” and “independent contractors” relating to unemployment compensation insurance and workers compensation coverage, and proper payment and reporting of wages. Party will on request provide to the Agency of Human Services information pertaining to the classification of its employees to include the basis for the classification. Failure to comply with these obligations may result in termination of this Agreement.
RELATIONSHIP OF THE PARTIES/INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR 27.1 Each Party is an independent contractor, and has and hereby retains the right to exercise full control of and supervision over its own performance of its obligations under this Agreement and retains full control over the employment, direction, compensation and discharge of its employees assisting in the performance of such obligations. Each Party and each Party's contractor(s) shall be solely responsible for all matters relating to payment of such employees, including the withholding or payment of all applicable federal, state and local income taxes, social security taxes and other payroll taxes with respect to its employees, as well as any taxes, contributions or other obligations imposed by applicable state unemployment or workers' compensation acts and all other regulations governing such matters. Each Party has sole authority and responsibility to hire, fire and otherwise control its employees.