Amounts Paid Sample Clauses

Amounts Paid. The Seller shall pay the Buyer for any Market Loss incurred by the Buyer with respect to certain Shares sold in a bona fide market transaction through the AMEX to a non- -affiliate of the Seller (a "Market Transaction") within 30 days of the later of (i) written notice by the Buyer of such Market Loss or (ii) receipt of documentation reasonably satisfactory to the Seller of such Market Loss in a Market Transaction.
Amounts Paid. No amount paid or to be paid hereunder is intended to be, nor shall it be construed to be, an inducement or payment for referral of patients by ECS to Manager or any affiliate of Manager or by Manager or any affiliate of Manager to ECS. In addition, no amount paid or advanced hereunder includes any discount, rebate, kickback or other reduction in charge. The parties shall comply in all respects with all applicable requirements of the Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse "safe-harbor" regulations (the "Safe Harbor Regulations") as they may exist from time to time, including, but not limited to, the requirements of the Safe Harbor Regulations regarding management agreements, and any amendment thereto, and shall comply with all applicable directives, orders or other lawful pronouncements of any lawful authority related to the Safe Harbor Regulations.

Related to Amounts Paid

Amounts Payable (a) AHS shall pay the Operator for the Services provided at the Facility during the Term in accordance with this Agreement based on the provisions in Schedule “B”. The parties acknowledge that the Service Fees do not represent payment for any surgical services provided by Physicians that can be billed by such Physicians directly to Alberta Health and further acknowledge that AHS is not by this Agreement undertaking any liability or responsibility for the payment for professional surgical services rendered at the Facility apart from the amounts described in Schedule “B”.
Amounts Owed After the Termination Date, the Advisor shall be entitled to receive from the Company or the Operating Partnership within thirty (30) days after the effective date of such termination all amounts then accrued and owing to the Advisor, including all its interest in the Company’s income, losses, distributions and capital by payment of an amount equal to the then-present fair market value of the Advisor’s interest, subject to the 2%/25% Guidelines to the extent applicable.
Amounts payable on prepayment A prepayment shall be made together with accrued interest (and any other amount payable under Clause 21 or otherwise) in respect of the amount prepaid and, if the prepayment is not made on the last day of an Interest Period together with any sums payable under Clause 21.1(b) but without premium or penalty.
Prepayments Payments Taxes 3.01 Voluntary Prepayments.......................................... 3.02 Mandatory Repayments and Commitment Reductions................. 3.03 Method and Place of Payment.................................... 3.04 Net Payments...................................................
Accounts Payable To the extent not apportioned at Closing, any indebtedness, accounts payable, liabilities or obligations of any kind or nature related to Seller or the Property for the periods prior to and including the Closing Date shall be retained by Seller and promptly allocated to Seller and evidence thereof shall be provided to Buyer, and Buyer shall not be or become liable therefor, except as expressly assumed by Buyer pursuant to this Contract, and invoices received in the ordinary course of business prior to Closing shall be allocated to Seller at Closing.
CP Costs Payments On each Settlement Date, Seller shall pay to Agent (for the benefit of the Conduits) an aggregate amount equal to all accrued and unpaid CP Costs in respect of the outstanding Capital of each of the Conduits for the related Settlement Period in accordance with Article II.
Disbursements Payments and Costs Article 5 of the Credit Agreement, --------------------------------- Disbursements, Payments and Costs, is hereby amended by the addition of the --------------------------------- following provision:
Interest on Amounts Paid Under Letters of Credit (i) Payment of Interest by Company Company agrees to pay to Administrative Agent, with respect to payments under any Letters of Credit issued by Issuing Lender, interest on the amount paid by Issuing Lender in respect of each such payment from the date a drawing is honored to but excluding the date such amount is reimbursed by Company (including any such reimbursement out of the proceeds of Revolving Loans pursuant to Section 10.3(b)) at a rate equal to (A) for the period from the date such drawing is honored to but excluding the Reimbursement Date, the rate then in effect under this Agreement with respect to Revolving Loans that are Base Rate Loans, and (B) thereafter, a rate which is 2% per annum in excess of the rate of interest otherwise payable under this Agreement with respect to Revolving Loans that are Base Rate Loans. Interest payable pursuant to this Section 10.3(d)(i) shall be computed on the basis of a 365-day or 366-day year, as the case may be, for the actual number of days elapsed in the period during which it accrues and shall be payable on demand or, if no demand is made, on the date on which the related drawing under a Letter of Credit is reimbursed in full.
Collection of Accounts; Payments (a) Until the Agent notifies the Borrower to the contrary, the Borrower shall and shall cause LDM Canada to make collection of all Accounts and other Collateral and Guarantor Collateral for the Agent, shall and shall cause LDM Canada to receive all payments as the Agent's trustee, and shall immediately deliver all payments in their original form duly endorsed in blank into a Payment Account established for the account of the Borrower or LDM Canada, as applicable at a bank acceptable to Agent and subject to documentation acceptable to Agent. The Borrower shall and shall cause LDM Canada to establish a lock-box service for collections of Accounts at a bank acceptable to the Agent and pursuant to documentation satisfactory to the Agent. The Borrower shall and shall cause LDM Canada to instruct all Account Debtors to make all payments directly to the address established for such service. If, notwithstanding such instructions, the Borrower or LDM Canada, as applicable, receives any proceeds of Accounts, it shall receive such payments as the Agent's trustee, and shall immediately deliver such payments to the Agent in their original form duly endorsed in blank or deposit them into a Payment Account, as the Agent may direct. All collections received in any such lock-box or Payment Account or directly by the Borrower or LDM Canada, as the case may be, or the Agent, and all funds in any Payment Account or other account to which such collections are deposited shall be subject to the Agent's sole control. The Agent or the Agent's designee may, at any time, notify Account Debtors that the Accounts have been assigned to the Agent and of the Agent's security interest therein. If an Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing, the Agent may collect the Accounts directly and charge the collection costs and expenses to the Borrower's Loan Account as a Revolving Loan. When an Event of Default exists, the Borrower, at the Agent's request, shall execute and deliver and shall cause LDM Canada to execute and deliver to the Agent such documents as the Agent shall require to grant the Agent access to any post office box in which collections of Accounts are received.
Drawings and Reimbursement of Amounts Paid Under Letters of Credit A. RESPONSIBILITY OF ISSUING LENDER WITH RESPECT TO DRAWINGS. In determining whether to honor any drawing under any Letter of Credit by the beneficiary thereof, the Issuing Lender shall be responsible only to examine the documents delivered under such Letter of Credit with reasonable care so as to ascertain whether they appear on their face to be in accordance with the terms and conditions of such Letter of Credit.