Amount Owing Sample Clauses

Amount Owing. If an indemnifying Interconnection Party is obligated to indemnify and hold any Indemnified Person harmless under this Section 14, the amount owing to the Indemnified Person shall be the amount of such Indemnified Person’s actual Loss, net of any insurance or other recovery.
Amount Owing. Subject to the provisions of any Financing Document, the Borrower agrees to repay the Amount Owing on the Maturity Date under this agreement. Prior to an Event of Default, the Financier will apply amounts paid by the Borrower in accordance with the terms of the Financing Documents. If an Event of Default subsists, the Financier may apply amounts paid by the Borrower towards satisfaction of the Borrower’s obligations under the Financing Documents in the manner it sees fit, unless the Financing Documents expressly provide otherwise. This appropriation overrides any purported appropriation by the Borrower or any other person.

Related to Amount Owing

Principal Amount The aggregate principal amount of the Notes that may be authenticated and delivered under the Indenture, as amended hereby, shall be $1,000,000,000 on the Issue Date. Provided that no Covenant Breach or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing with respect to the Notes, the Company may, without notice to or the consent of the Holders, create and issue additional Securities having the same terms as, and ranking equally and ratably with, the Notes in all respects and so that such additional Notes will be consolidated and form a single series with, and have the same terms as to status, redemption or otherwise as, the Notes initially issued.