All Bargaining Unit Sample Clauses

All Bargaining Unit. Faculty Members in a department shall be notified, either in writing or electronically, when departmental promotion and tenure criteria or procedures are changed.
All Bargaining Unit. Faculty Members in a department shall be given copies of departmental promotion and tenure criteria and procedures whenever that department changes the criteria and/or procedures.
All Bargaining Unit. Members shall receive a minimum of two hundred and sixty (260) minutes of preparation time per cycle (six school days), with a minimum daily preparation time interval length of thirty (30) minutes at the elementary level, (within the student day), and a minimum of a class period at the secondary level, (within the student day). Preparation time shall be Bargaining Unit Member-directed and duty free.
All Bargaining Unit. Job Descriptions shall have separate seniority lists established for each respective job description, listing employee name, craft seniority date, hire date, and classification (full-time/part-time) for each employee in that job description.
All Bargaining Unit. Faculty members who do not have in their contract a clause specifying assigned committee service (expressed in SMC Course Value equivalence), will receive additional compensation for assigned service, as specified in Article 20,

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  • Bargaining Unit The College recognizes the Canadian Union of Public Employees and its Local 2081 as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining agent for all of its employees as certified by the Industrial Relations Council of British Columbia and hereby agrees to negotiate with the Union, or any of its authorized committees, concerning all matters affecting the relationship between parties, aiming towards a peaceful and amicable settlement of any differences that may arise between them.

  • Collective Bargaining Unit 1.1 The Company recognizes the Union as the sole bargaining agent for all regular, part-time and temporary employees1, including technicians of the construction field forces and security employees but excluding:

  • Single Bargaining Unit The employees, Unions, and Employers and Associations covered under this Master Agreement and the various Supplements thereto shall constitute one (1) bargaining unit and contract. It is understood that the printing of this Master Agreement and the aforesaid Supplements in separate Agreements is for convenience only and is not intended to create separate bargaining units. This ABF National Master Freight Agreement applies to city and road operations, and other classifications of employment authorized by the signatory Employers to be represented by Employer Associations or Employers, where applicable, participating in national collective bargaining. The common problems and interest, with respect to basic terms and conditions of employment, have resulted in the creation of the ABF National Master Freight Agreement and the respective Supplemental Agreements. Accordingly, the Unions Associations and Employers, parties to this Agreement, acknowledge that this Agreement creates they constitute a single national multi-employer collective bargaining unit. composed of the Associations named hereinafter and those Employers authorizing such associations to represent them for the purpose of collective bargaining, and solely to the extent of such authorization, and such other individual employers which have, or may, become parties to this Agreement. Section 5. Riders NO CHANGE

  • Bargaining Unit Roster Upon the signing of this Agreement and monthly thereafter, the Employer shall supply to the Union via a secured method an alphabetical list of all employees covered by this Agreement. The list shall include the name, address, employee identification number, date of hire, rehire date (if applicable), shift, FTE, job classification, department cost center number, unit, hourly rate of pay and monthly gross earnings. Each month, the Employer will provide a list of new hires and addresses, and a list of all employees who have terminated during the month via a secured method. The new hire and termination lists shall include the same data as the monthly employee roster except for monthly gross earnings. The termination list shall include the termination date. Within ninety (90) days of ratification, Swedish Medical Center and SEIU 1199NW will convene a work group including HRIS expert to explore a method for the Employer to provide a list of all employment changes for bargaining unit employees, via a secure site.

  • Work of the Bargaining Unit (a) In order to protect the standard of nursing care, the Employer shall not contract out the work normally performed by members of this bargaining unit except:

  • Integrity of the Bargaining Unit Unless otherwise provided by law, the Employer recognizes the integrity of the bargaining unit and will act consistently with the current policy to use State employees to perform all State functions in State operated facilities in preference to contracting out with the private sector. In the event the Employer proposes to use non-bargaining unit individuals to displace continuing bargaining unit positions, it will provide the Union with notice at the earliest opportunity, but normally notify the union at least sixty (60) days in advance (unless circumstances require a shorter notice) and be available to meet with the Union within one week after the notice is sent. Supervisors will not be assigned posts for the purpose of limiting overtime opportunities for bargaining unit employees except when fiscal or operational exigencies necessitate.

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement The term “

  • Bargaining Unit Work Supervisors shall not increase, and the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to decrease the amount of bargaining unit work done by supervisors. Supervisors shall only perform bargaining unit work to the extent that they have previously performed such work. During the life of this Agreement, the amount of bargaining unit work done by supervisors shall not increase, and the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to decrease the amount of bargaining unit work done by supervisors. In addition, supervisory employees shall only do bargaining unit work under the following circumstances: in cases of emergency; when necessary to provide break and/or lunch relief; to instruct or train employees; to demonstrate the proper method of accomplishing the tasks assigned; to avoid mandatory overtime; to allow the release of employees for Union or other approved activities; to provide coverage for no shows or when the classification specification provides that the supervisor does, as a part of his/her job, some of the same duties as bargaining unit employees. Except in emergency circumstances, overtime opportunities for work normally performed by bargaining unit employees shall first be offered to those unit employees who normally perform the work before it may be offered to non-bargaining unit employees. The Employer recognizes the integrity of the bargaining units and will not take action for the purpose of eroding the bargaining units.

  • NATURE OF THE BARGAINING UNIT 1.01 The Employer recognizes the Union as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all food service employees of Compass Group Canada, Ltd., employed at its operation at the Boeing facility, in the City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba, save and except the Manager, Assistant Managers, Kitchen Manager/Chef, those above the rank of manager, and those excluded by the Act.

  • Positions outside the Bargaining Unit (a) An employee may substitute temporarily in a position outside the bargaining unit for up to fifteen (15) months from the date of the assignment. Bargaining unit employees shall be given the first opportunity to fill the resulting vacancy. The employee shall have the right to return to her or his bargaining unit position prior to the expiry of the fifteen (15) month period by giving the Employer six (6) weeks’ notice. Where an employee is backfilling outside of the bargaining unit for purposes of pregnancy and/or parental leave, the period of time will be extended up to nineteen (19) months from the date of the assignment. An employee who remains outside of the bargaining unit beyond the period covered by this article shall lose all seniority. When the employee returns to the bargaining unit, all other employee(s) shall revert to their previous positions. An employee must remain in the bargaining unit for a period of at least three (3) months before transferring out of the bargaining unit again or she or he will lose all seniority held at the time of the subsequent transfer unless the parties agree otherwise.