Addition to Sample Clauses

Addition to. Trust Funds. The Community or any individual, corporation, trust, partnership or estate with the approval of the Trustees may at any time and from time to time add to the Trust Funds by way of gift or contribution.
Addition to any other payments, reductions or other amounts scheduled to be paid or otherwise due and owing to the Lenders under the Loan Documents, Borrower shall, on or before December 15, 2004, permanently reduce the outstanding principal Indebtedness under the Loan Documents by not less than $1,000,000 (the “Reduction Requirement”).

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Remedies In addition to being entitled to exercise all rights provided herein or granted by law, including recovery of damages, each of the Purchasers and the Company will be entitled to specific performance under the Transaction Documents. The parties agree that monetary damages may not be adequate compensation for any loss incurred by reason of any breach of obligations contained in the Transaction Documents and hereby agree to waive and not to assert in any Action for specific performance of any such obligation the defense that a remedy at law would be adequate.
Other Remedies If an Event of Default occurs and is continuing, the Trustee may pursue any available remedy to collect the payment of principal, premium, if any, and interest on the Notes or to enforce the performance of any provision of the Notes or this Indenture. The Trustee may maintain a proceeding even if it does not possess any of the Notes or does not produce any of them in the proceeding. A delay or omission by the Trustee or any Holder of a Note in exercising any right or remedy accruing upon an Event of Default shall not impair the right or remedy or constitute a waiver of or acquiescence in the Event of Default. All remedies are cumulative to the extent permitted by law.
Cumulative Each right and remedy of Landlord provided for herein or now or hereafter existing at law, in equity, by statute or otherwise shall be cumulative and shall not preclude Landlord from exercising any other rights or remedies provided for in this Lease or now or hereafter existing at law or in equity, by statute or otherwise. No payment by Tenant of a lesser amount than the Rent nor any endorsement on any check or letter accompanying any check or payment as Rent shall be deemed an accord and satisfaction of full payment of Rent; and Landlord may accept such payment without prejudice to Landlord's right to recover the balance of such Rent or to pursue other remedies.
Indemnification and Remedies Licensed Products shall be deemed to be PEERLESS Deliverables under the MDA and, shall be covered as such under Section 9 of the MDA (notwithstanding any expiration or termination of the MDA).
Specific Performance and Other Remedies Each Party hereby acknowledges that the rights of each Party to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby are special, unique and of extraordinary character and that, in the event that any Party violates or fails or refuses to perform any covenant or agreement made by it herein, the non-breaching Party may be without an adequate remedy at law. In the event that any Party violates or fails or refuses to perform any covenant or agreement made by such Party herein, the non-breaching Party or Parties may, subject to the terms hereof and in addition to any remedy at law for damages or other relief, institute and prosecute an action in any court of competent jurisdiction to enforce specific performance of such covenant or agreement or seek any other equitable relief.
Indemnification by Tenant Tenant shall protect, defend, indemnify and hold Landlord, its agents, employees and contractors harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, demands, penalties, costs, liabilities, losses, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses at the trial and appellate levels) filed or otherwise made or incurred by a third party to the extent (a) arising out of or relating to any act, omission, negligence, or willful misconduct of Tenant or Tenant’s agents, employees, contractors, customers or invitees in or about the Premises, (b) arising out of or relating to any of Tenant’s personal property, or (c) arising out of any other act or occurrence within the Premises, in all such cases except to the extent caused directly by the negligence or willful misconduct of Landlord, its agents, employees or contractors. Nothing contained in this section shall limit (or be deemed to limit) the waiver of subrogation contained below. This section shall survive the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease. In the event of any conflict between this section and the waiver of subrogation section below, the waiver of subrogation section shall control.
Remedies are Cumulative The Lender’s rights and remedies hereunder are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies at law or in equity.
Warranties and Remedies 5.1 Google Warranty. Google will perform the Services in a professional and workmanlike manner, in accordance with practices used by other service providers performing services similar to the Services. Google will use Personnel with requisite skills, experience, and qualifications to perform the Services. 5.2 Remedies. Google’s entire liability and Customer’s sole remedy for Google’s failure to provide Services that conform with Section 5.1 (Google Warranty) will be for Google to, at its option, (a) use commercially reasonable efforts to re-perform the Services or (b) terminate the Order Form and refund any applicable Fees received for the nonconforming Services. Any claim that Google has breached the warranty as described in Section 5.1(Google Warranty) must be made within 30 days after Google has performed the Services.
Indemnification Remedies a) The Trustee shall indemnify the Seller, each affiliate of the Seller, the Depositor, the Servicer, each broker dealer acting as underwriter, placement agent or initial purchaser, each Person who controls any of such parties (within the meaning of Section 15 of the Securities Act and Section 20 of the Exchange Act); and the respective present and former directors, officers, employees and agents of each of the foregoing, and shall hold each of them harmless from and against any losses, damages, penalties, fines, forfeitures, legal fees and expenses and related costs, judgments, and any other costs, fees and expenses that any of them may sustain arising out of or based upon:
Rights and Remedies are Cumulative Except with respect to rights and remedies expressly declared to be exclusive in this Agreement, the rights and remedies of the parties are cumulative and the exercise by either party of one or more of such rights or remedies shall not preclude the exercise by it, at the same or different times, of any other rights or remedies for the same default or any other default by the other party.