Adding Sample Clauses

Adding. (i) the aggregate Fair Market Value of the Partnership’s investments;
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Adding. Trustee, Master Servicer, Depositor, the Securities Administrator," immediately after "liability to the" in the first sentence of Section 6.03.
Adding. When an Endpoint Descriptor is scheduled to either control or bulk, it is done by inserting a HCD_ENDPOINT_DESCRIPTOR into the proper HCD_ED_LIST.Head and then linking the HCD_ENDPOINT_DESCRIPTOR.HcEd into HCD_ED_LIST.PhysicalHead. VOID InsertEDForEndpoint ( IN PHCD_ENDPOINT Endpoint ) { PHCD_DEVICE_DATA DeviceData; PHCD_ED_LIST List; PHCD_ENDPOINT_DESCRIPTOR ED, TailED; DeviceData = Endpoint->DeviceData; List = &DeviceData->EdList[Endpoint->ListIndex]; // // Initialize an endpoint descriptor for this endpoint // ED = AllocateEndpointDescriptor(DeviceData); ED->Endpoint = Endpoint; ED->ListIndex = Endpoint->ListIndex; ED->PhysicalAddress = PhysicalAddressOf(&ED->HcED); ED->HcED.Control = Endpoint->Control; Endpoint->HcdHeadP = AllocateTransferDescriptor(DeviceData); ED->HcED.HeadP = PhysicalAddressOf(&Endpoint->HcdHeadP->HcTD); Endpoint->HcdHeadP->PhysicalAddress = ED->HcED.TailP = ED->HcED.HeadP; Endpoint->HcdED = ED; ED->HcdHeadP->UsbdRequest = NULL; // // Link endpoint descriptor into HCD tracking queue // if (Endpoint->Type != Isochronous || IsListEmpty(&List->Head))) { // // Link ED into head of ED list // InsertHeadList (&List->Head, &ED->Link); ED->HcED.NextED = *List->PhysicalHead; *List->PhysicalHead = ED->PhysicalAddress; } else { // // Link ED into tail of ED list // TailED = CONTAINING_RECORD ( List->Head.Blink, HCD_ENDPOINT_DESCRIPTOR, Link); InsertTailList (&List->Head, &Endpoint->Link); ED->NextED = 0; TailED->NextED = ED->PhysicalAddress; } }
Adding. Like control, bulk, and isochronous, interrupt Endpoint Descriptors are added to the Host Controller list for processing when the pipe on the endpoint is opened. This needs to be done after the polling policy and bandwidth for the interrupt endpoint has been set. See the same sample code in Section
Adding. Like control, bulk, and interrupt, Isochronous Endpoint Descriptors are added to the Host Controller list for processing when the endpoint pipe is opened. This needs to be done after the bandwidth for the isochronous endpoint has been committed for the endpoint. See code samples in Sections and
Adding a new definition, “Section 1.135 WASTE, The overutilization of services or other practices that, directly or indirectly, result in unnecessary costs to the healthcare system.”
Adding. (i) The value of contributions payable under s94A of the EPAA Act for the Development prior to Modification, being $4,495,000.00; and
Adding after the words “(a) and (b),” the words “and (b-i)”
Adding. “except for the Heritage Note Purchase Agreementsat the end of the paragraph.
Adding. (i)" after the section heading, "US Revolving Credit Advances.".