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Value of Contributions. The Work Breakdown Structure, cost estimates and budgets use US accounting rules i.e. all materials, services, labor, engineering, design, inspection, administration and contingency are included. Participating Institutions may use either US accounting rules or European accounting rules. In European accounting the contribution is assumed to be only materials and services. In the case of European accounting an effective contribution is calculated by inserting the materials and services value of the contribution into the Work Breakdown Structure and determining an "effective contribution" by US accounting. The effective value of a contribution will be agreed by the Collaboration Board.
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Value of Contributions. In accordance with Section 704(c) of the Code and the applicable Treasury Regulations thereunder, income, gain, loss, deduction, and tax depreciation with respect to any property which has a Book Basis different from its adjusted basis as determined for federal income tax purposes shall, solely for income tax purposes (and without adjusting any Member’s Capital Account therefor), be allocated among the Members so as to take into account any variation between the adjusted tax basis of such property to the Company and the Book Basis of such property.
Value of Contributions. The agreed value of the Operating Assets is Six Hundred Sixty-Seven Thousand Dollars ($667,000 US).
Value of Contributions. 3.1 Fair Market Value of Contributed Assets.............................11 --------------------------------------- 3.2
Value of Contributions 

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  • Return of Contributions The General Partner shall not be personally liable for, and shall have no obligation to contribute or loan any monies or property to the Partnership to enable it to effectuate, the return of the Capital Contributions of the Limited Partners or Unitholders, or any portion thereof, it being expressly understood that any such return shall be made solely from Partnership assets.

  • Payment of Contributions The College and eligible academic staff members of the plan shall each contribute one-half of the contributions to the Academic and Administrative Pension Plan.

  • Matching Contributions The Employer will make matching contributions in accordance with the formula(s) elected in Part II of this Adoption Agreement Section 3.01.

  • Investment of Contributions At the direction of the Designated Beneficiary (or the direction of the Depositor or the Responsible Individual, whichever applies) the Custodian shall invest all contributions to the account and earnings thereon in investments acceptable to the Custodian, which may include marketable securities traded on a recognized exchange or "over the counter" (excluding any securities issued by the Custodian), covered call options, certificates of deposit, and other investments to which the Custodian consents, in such amounts as are specifically selected and specified in orders to the Custodian in such form as may be acceptable to the Custodian, without any duty to diversify and without regard to whether such property is authorized by the laws of any jurisdiction as a custodial account investment. The Custodian shall be responsible for the execution of such orders and for maintaining adequate records thereof. However, if any such orders are not received as required, or, if received, are unclear in the opinion of the Custodian, all or a portion of the contribution may be held uninvested without liability for loss of income or appreciation, and without liability for interest pending receipt of such orders or clarification, or the contribution may be returned. The Custodian may, but need not, establish programs under which cash deposits in excess of a minimum set by it will be periodically and automatically invested in interest-bearing investment funds. The Custodian shall have no duty other than to follow the written investment directions of the Designated Beneficiary (or the Depositor or Responsible Individual), and shall be under no duty to question said instructions and shall not be liable for any investment losses sustained by the Designated Beneficiary.

  • Allocation of Contributions You may place your contributions in one fund or in any combination of funds, although your employer may place restrictions on investment in certain funds.

  • Catch-Up Contributions In the case of a Traditional IRA Owner who is age 50 or older by the close of the taxable year, the annual cash contribution limit is increased by $1,000 for any taxable year beginning in 2006 and years thereafter.

  • Excess Contributions An excess contribution is any amount that is contributed to your IRA that exceeds the amount that you are eligible to contribute. If the excess is not corrected timely, an additional penalty tax of six percent will be imposed upon the excess amount. The procedure for correcting an excess is determined by the timeliness of the correction as identified below.

  • Employer Contributions 8.1 Rates at which the Employer shall contribute for each hour of work performed on behalf of each employee employed under the terms of this Agreement are contained in the Appendices attached to and forming part of this Agreement.

  • Other Contributions ST1.1 In this Agreement, Other Contributions means the financial or in-kind contributions other than the Grant set out in the following table: Contributor Nature of Contribution Amount (GST exclusive) Timing Grantee < insert description of contribution, e.g., cash, access to equipment, secondment of personnel etc> $<insert amount> <project end date> <name of third party providing the Other Contribution> <insert description of contribution, e.g., cash, access to equipment, secondment of personnel etc> $<insert amount> <insert date or Milestone to which the Other Contribution relates> Total $<total other contributions>

  • Participant Contributions If Participant contributions are permitted, complete (a), (b), and (c). Otherwise complete (d).

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