Actual Budget Sample Clauses

Actual Budget. Provide the actual budget in the following categories 1) staff, 2) contractual, 3) equipment, 4) emergency fund, 5) other – describe. In-Kind and Direct Estimates: Provide an estimate of either in-kind or direct funding in your jurisdiction that is supporting the efforts of this grant. Categories include: 1) Payroll, 2) Utilities, 3) Rent, 4) Other. You cannot use other federally funded grants for this match, including PHEP funds.
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  • Annual Budget (a) The Company and its Subsidiaries shall be operated in accordance with an annual budget, as it may be annually updated from time to time pursuant to this Section 3 (the “Annual Budget”). The initial Annual Budget for the period beginning on the Effective Date and ending on December 31, 2018, including the related variances, is attached hereto as Schedule B-1 (the “Initial Annual Budget”). For each Fiscal Year thereafter, the Asset Manager shall be responsible for preparing and submitting to the Company Board for approval as a Major Decision in accordance with the terms of the Company LLC Agreement a proposed updated Annual Budget, including the related variances. The Annual Budget shall be prepared by the Asset Manager in accordance with the protocols (including the preparation of the back-up materials on the timetable set forth therein) set forth on Schedule B-2 hereto (the “Budget Development Protocols”). The Annual Budget for each Fiscal Year shall be prepared with the same detail and line items as set forth in the Initial Annual Budget and such other detail as the members of the Company Board appointed by the Preferred Partners in accordance with Section 4.3(c) of the Parent LP Agreement (the “Preferred Board Members”) may reasonably request. In connection with the review of a proposed Annual Budget, the Preferred Board Members may reasonably request additional information regarding the materials supporting the proposed Annual Budget or such other information as is necessary or desirable to enable review of such proposed Annual Budget, and the Asset Manager shall provide such requested information. The Preferred Board Members shall consent to or reject the proposed Annual Budget, or request additional information (as provided for above), within ten (10) Business Days following (i) receipt of such proposed Annual Budget or (ii) receipt of all additional information that is, in the determination of the Preferred Board Members, necessary or desirable to enable review of such proposed Annual Budget. The Asset Manager shall comply with the Budget Development Protocols regarding the Preliminary Budget for each Fiscal Year. The Annual Budget shall be prepared and submitted annually by the Asset Manager no later than December 10, 2018 for the next Fiscal Year and thereafter by December 10 of each year with respect to the following Fiscal Year. The Annual Budget for each Fiscal Year shall include use of the pre-funded reserve amounts as shown on Schedule B-3 hereto for the four Fiscal Quarters comprising such Fiscal Year. In connection with the submission of the Annual Budget, the Asset Manager shall also prepare and submit to the Company Board an annual business plan for Parent and its Subsidiaries, including a responsible five-year operations forecast, including the operating metrics set forth on Schedule B-4 hereto (the “Annual Plan”). The Preferred Board Members, or their designated representatives, shall be provided reasonable access to all information, data, reports, models and analyses relied on in developing the Annual Plan (including, for the avoidance of doubt, all financial and silvicultural assumptions, constraints, supporting stand level data, merchantable timber volumes, pre-merchantable acres by species and age class, and acres by land classification).

  • Annual Budgets The School shall adopt a budget for each fiscal year, prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. The budget shall be in the Idaho Financial Accounting Reporting Management Systems (IFARMS) format and any other format as may be reasonably requested by the Authorizer.

  • Approved Budget 3.1.2. Written detailed description of the Project;

  • Capital Budget Any amendment that is mutually agreed upon shall be set forth in writing and signed by both parties. It is acknowledged by Owner that capital expenditures required as a result of an emergency situation shall not reduce amounts available pursuant to the Capital Budget or otherwise hereunder, other than to the extent a Capital Budget item is subsumed within the capital expenditures required as a result of the occurrence of the emergency;

  • Operating Budget (a) No less than forty-five (45) days prior to the Substantial Completion of each train of the Project, and no less than forty-five (45) days prior to the beginning of each calendar year thereafter, the Borrower shall prepare a proposed operating plan and a budget setting forth in reasonable detail the projected requirements for Operation and Maintenance Expenses for the Borrower and the Project for the ensuing calendar year (or, in the case of the initial Operating Budget, the remaining portion thereof) and provide the Independent Engineer, the Common Security Trustee, and the Senior Facility Agent with a copy of such operating plan and budget (the “Operating Budget”). Each Operating Budget shall be prepared in accordance with a form approved by the Independent Engineer, shall set forth all material assumptions used in the preparation of such Operating Budget, and shall become effective upon approval of the Senior Facility Agent, acting reasonably and in consultation with the Independent Engineer; provided, that if the Senior Facility Agent shall not have approved or disapproved the Operating Budget within thirty (30) days after receipt thereof, such Operating Budget shall be deemed to have been approved; and provided, further that the Senior Facility Agent shall have neither the right nor the obligation to approve costs for Gas purchase contracts for the Project contained in the Operating Budget. If the Borrower does not have an effective annual Operating Budget before the beginning of any calendar year, until such proposed Operating Budget is approved, the Operating Budget most recently in effect shall continue to apply; provided, that (A) any items of the proposed Operating Budget that have been approved shall be given effect in substitution of the corresponding items in the Operating Budget most recently in effect, (B) costs for Gas purchase contracts for the Project shall be as provided by the Borrower and (C) all other items shall be increased by the lesser of (x) two and one-half percent (2.5%) and (y) the increase proposed by the Borrower for such item in such proposed Operating Budget.

  • Project Budget A Project Budget shall be prepared and maintained by Grantee. The Project Budget shall detail all costs for which the Grant will be used during each calendar month of the Term. The Project Budget must be approved in writing by the Project Monitor. Grantee shall carry out the Project and shall incur costs and make disbursements of funds provided hereunder by the Sponsor only in conformity with the Project Budget. The current approved Project Budget is contained in Attachment B. Said Project Budget may be revised from time to time, but no Project Budget or revision thereof shall be effective unless and until the same is approved in writing by Project Monitor. The funds granted under this Grant Contract cannot be used to supplant (replace) other existing funds.

  • Construction Budget The total amount indicated by the District for the Project plus all other costs, including design, construction, administration, financing, and all other costs.

  • Variances From Operating Budget Furnish Agent, concurrently with the delivery of the financial statements referred to in Section 9.7 and each monthly report, a written report summarizing all material variances from budgets submitted by Borrowers pursuant to Section 9.12 and a discussion and analysis by management with respect to such variances.

  • Budget The System Agency allocated share by State Fiscal Year is as follows:

  • Construction Cost Budget The total cost to District of all elements of the Project designed or specified by the Architect, as adjusted during and at the end of the design phase in accordance with this Agreement and the Agreement for Architectural Services. The Construction Cost Budget does not include the compensation of the Project Design Team, the Program Manager (if any), the Construction Manager and any subconsultants, the cost of the land, rights-of-way, or financing which are the responsibility of the District.

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