WFS definition

WFS means WFS Financial Inc, and its successors.

Examples of WFS in a sentence

  • It is thus necessary, before creating a binding between a component Input Flow and a component Serv WFS to check that the number of connections respects the architectural choices.

  • Recent development in spatial web standards (e.g. Web Mapping Service (WMS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Terrain Service (WTS), Geographic Markup Language (GML), etc.) have addressed many issues in syntactic and structural interoperability related to spatial data.

  • Database review and improvements to schema to enable a more flexible WFS.

  • For example, the client / server style of AlkaGeo specifies that at most 40 component Input Flow can be bound to component Serv WFS.

  • GML (31) and the Web Map (WMS) (32) and Web Feature Server (WFS) (33) standards of the OGC have meant that researchers can proceed with development in the knowledge that they can interchange fundamental components without affecting their development environments.

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WFS means WFS Financial Inc.