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Unit title means a unit title under the Unit Titles Act 2010.
Unit title means a unit title under the Unit Titles Act.
Unit title means a unit title under the Unit Titles Act. “Unit Titles Act” means the Unit Titles Act 2010. “Working day” means any day of the week other than:

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Unit title This qualification, and its component units, is regulated.

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Unitaccreditation number City &Guilds unit number Unit title Mandatory/optional for full qualification CreditvalueK/602/3138 201 Know the fundamental working principles, installation options and regulatory requirements for micro-renewable energy and water conservation technologies Mandatory 2 To achieve the City & Guilds 2399-13 Level 3 Award in the Installation of Small Scale Solar Photovoltaic Systems candidates must achieve 6 credits from two mandatory units ( 311, 312).

The guide ends with references.Each unit is made of the following sections: ȃ Unit title: from the syllabusȃ Key unit competence: from the syllabusȃ Prerequisites (knowledge, skills, attitudes and values)This section indicates knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the success of the unit.

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Unit title means a unit title issued under the Unit Titles Act 1972.

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First Title means First Title Insurance plc.
Unit owner means a declarant or other person who owns a unit, or a lessee of a unit in a leasehold condominium whose lease expires simultaneously with any lease the expiration or termination of which will remove the unit from the condominium, but does not include a person having an interest in a unit solely as security for an obligation.
unit trust means any trust established for the purpose, or having the effect, of providing facilities for the participation by persons as beneficiaries under a trust, in profits or income arising from the acquisition, holding, management or disposal of securities or any other property.
Common name means any designation or identification such as code name, code number, trade name, brand name or generic name used to identify a chemical other than by its chemical name.
COG means an Iowa council of governments as identified by Iowa Code chapter 28H.
Individual Title Defect Threshold shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11.2(i).
Monte Titoli means Monte Titoli S.p.A.
General Partnership Interest means a Partnership Interest held by the General Partner that is a general partnership interest.
Clear coating means a transparent coating designed to provide the final gloss and resistance properties of the coating system;
Balut means an embryo inside a fertile egg that has been incubated for a period sufficient for the embryo to reach a specific stage of development after which it is removed from incubation before hatching.
Operating Unit means any operating unit or division of the Company designated as an Operating Unit by the Committee.
Owner’s Title Policy means an owner's policy of title insurance issued to the Acquiror by the Title Company, pursuant to which the Title Company insures the Acquiror's ownership of fee simple title to the Real Property (including the marketability thereof) subject only to Permitted Title Exceptions. The Owner's Title Policy shall insure the Acquiror in the amount of the Consideration and shall be acceptable in form and substance to the Acquiror. The description of the Land in the Owner's Title Policy shall be by courses and distances and shall be identical to the description shown on the Survey.
Transfer Point means any point at which the passenger transfers between aircraft.
Owner means the person in whose name American Depositary Shares are registered on the books of the Depositary maintained for such purpose.
Unit Titles Act means the Unit Titles Act 2010.
Partnership Assets means all assets, whether tangible or intangible and whether real, personal or mixed (including, without limitation, all partnership capital and interest in other partnerships), at any time owned or represented by any Partnership Interest.
Heat unit means a unit of energy equal to the product of the peak kilovoltage, milliamperes, and seconds, i.e., kVp x mA x second.
Management Units means the class C membership interests issued by Management Company in one or more series. Each series of class C membership interests issued by Management Company shall be consecutively numbered, commencing with the class C-1 membership interests authorized by Management Company on November 30, 2006.
OP means open pit and “UG” means underground.
Class B Membership Interest means a Class B Membership Interest in Holdings.
Drilling Unit means the area fixed for the drilling of one well by order or rule of any state or federal body having authority. If a Drilling Unit is not fixed by any such rule or order, a Drilling Unit shall be the drilling unit as established by the pattern of drilling in the Contract Area unless fixed by express agreement of the Drilling Parties.
Units means the Class A Units and any other Class of Units authorized in accordance with this Agreement, which shall constitute interests in the Partnership as provided in this Agreement and under the Act, entitling the holders thereof to the relative rights, title and interests in the profits, losses, deductions and credits of the Partnership at any particular time as set forth in this Agreement, and any and all other benefits to which a holder thereof may be entitled as a Partner as provided in this Agreement, together with the obligations of such Partner to comply with all terms and provisions of this Agreement.
Generating Unit means one or more generating equipment combinations typically consisting of prime mover(s), electric generator(s), electric transformer(s), steam generator(s) and air emission control devices.
apartment unit means any residential unit within a building containing three or more dwelling units where access to each residential unit is obtained through a common entrance or entrances from the street level and the residential units are connected by an interior corridor;
Limited Partnership Interest means the ownership interest of a Limited Partner in the Partnership at any particular time, including the right of such Limited Partner to any and all benefits to which such Limited Partner may be entitled as provided in this Agreement and in the Act, together with the obligations of such Limited Partner to comply with all the provisions of this Agreement and of such Act.