OP definition

OP means open pit and “UG” means underground.
OP means Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Properties, LP, a Delaware limited partnership. All references in the Loan Documents to the Operating Partnership shall mean the OP.

Examples of OP in a sentence

  • My personal data may also be entrusted to specialist companies implementing, at the request of the Managing Authority, the Intermediate Body and the beneficiary, inspections and audits under OP KED.

  • Providing that the producing interval in any future well may not be located closer than 460 feet to the boundaries of the OP II Unit without obtaining an exception location from the Division pursuant to Utah Admin.

  • Member States shall by [ OP please insert the date = data of application of this Regulation] notify to the Commission the provisions of their law adopted pursuant to paragraph 3.

  • From left: OP representations for Polish gra ‘game’, English cry, and English spy [1] Hermes, A., Mücke, D & Auris, B.

  • Providing that no well may be directionally drilled if any producing portion of the 460 foot radius along the projected wellbore intersects with the boundaries of the OP II Unit without complying with the requirements of Utah Admin.

More Definitions of OP

OP has the meaning given that term in Section 12.20.
OP means open pit.
OP means PWP Holdings LP, a Delaware limited partnership.
OP means such Restricted Party’s Ownership Percentage at the time the definitive agreement(s) for the Small Acquisition Issuance were executed. Each Restricted Party that acquires shares of Common Stock as a result of purchases in the public markets pursuant to this Section 6.2 will provide notice to the Company of such purchase within 5 Business Days thereafter and will submit the stock certificate representing such shares to the Company as soon as reasonably practicable for the purpose of reregistering such certificate in the name of such Restricted Party, if not already done, and adding the legend described in Section 8.2(a) to such certificates.
OP is defined in the preamble.