Turn definition

Turn means a single duty period sequence which begins and ends at a Flight Attendant’s crew base.
Turn means the active arrival and departure of an aircraft from a Gate and may be measured in halves. The movement of an empty aircraft to or from a Gate shall not constitute half a “Turn.”
Turn means to physically manipulate the compost mass in order to aerate, decrease temperatures, and increase evaporation rates.

Examples of Turn in a sentence

  • Estimated Bid Value indicated above is being declared solely for the purpose of guidance on EMD amount and for determining the Eligibility Criteria related to Turn Over, Past Performance and Project / Past Experience etc.

  • Turn the wheel in the unbalance rotation direction indicated on the screen until the second spoke is in the position indicated by the laser and press the button.

  • The Volume Rebate Rate and Discount Interchange Transaction Rebate Rate will be adjusted (either increased or decreased as applicable) based on the Average File Turn of Client’s Program(s) over a Contract Year (“Average File Turn Adjustment”).

  • Turn on clothes dryers and any appliance not connected to the common venting system.

  • Turn out lights, computer monitors, display panels, and turn sound off on cell phones.

More Definitions of Turn

Turn means the right to strike.
Turn means [*]. ------
Turn means the arrival and departure of an aircraft from a gate.
Turn means The Utility Reform Network; and
Turn plus appropriate spare inventory of such other linen items);
Turn means “to revert or convert back.” The “weak and beggarly elements” refers to the things which offered no spiritual strength and were worthless. The laws and ceremonies of the Mosaic law were too weak to release sins bondage and not valuable enough to purchase pardon and eternal life. Why would the Galatians “desire” or prefer to live in bondage to the law when they could live in the liberty of grace?